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Inspire and empower your conscious evolution through conversations and guest interviews to help you elevate your state of mind, your life, and the world. Listen to compelling, heart-based discussions and insights on life challenges that open the door to self-discovery, expanded awareness, and self-mastery.

We’re here to inspireempower, and be a catalyst for your evolution. Tap into your inner wisdom, make the most of your life journey, help you discover your true nature, and rise to your heart-centered Higher SelfExplore new ways of thinking, feeling, seeing, and being in the world. Extract wisdom and share it with others.

Together we can rise to a higher level of consciousness, a more constructive state of being, and experience more love, joy, and happiness in life.

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Ep. 81 – “Our Beliefs Create Our Experience” – With Lion Goodman,

In this interview, “Our Beliefs Create Our Experience,” Lion Goodman describes his near death experience (NDE) as a traveling salesman that changed the trajectory of his life setting him on a path of recovering his consciousness and creating more grounded focus in his life. This time of reflection led him into a stellar 25 year career in executive search and continuing his quest for inner development and continued exploration of consciousness. This inner work eventually led him to become a professional certified therapeutic coach, teacher, healer, and Subconscious Pattern Detective.

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Ep. 74 – ‘Transmosis Healing’ With Tracey Whittet

Tracey Whittet describes the journey that led her to create an integrated method to restore divine balance in the body called Transmosis Healing. In this conversation, she describes her journey through life as an explorer who always looked for answers – first in nature, then in books and teachers. What she learned through her life experiences led her to self-healing and to help others heal.

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Ep. 72 – Strengthening Your Intuition: 2 Powerful Ways & More – With Isabeau Maxwell

Intuition, spiritual mediums, and psychic experiences were the last things on Isabeau “Beau” Maxwell’s mind until a life-changing event triggered a profound personal experience. As an intuitive coach, facilitator, and energy worker, internationally known medium, and author, she is the developer of the award-winning SAGE Method and creator of the SAGE Circle Community.

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