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In this podcast, you’ll experience inspiration with host Carol and co-hosts Ann and Concetta, along with guest interviews to help you elevate your state of mind, your life, and the world. Listen to compelling, heart-based conversations and insights on life challenges that open the door to self-discovery, expanded awareness, and self-mastery.

We’re here to inspireempower, and be a catalyst for your evolution. Tap into your inner wisdom, make the most of your life journey, help you discover your true nature, and rise to your heart-centered Higher SelfExplore new ways of thinking, feeling, seeing, and being in the world. Extract wisdom and share it with others.

Together we can rise to a higher level of consciousness, a more constructive state of being, and experience more love, joy, and happiness in life.

Listen to an episode and find out why Feedspot has named us a

“Top Wisdom Podcast in 2021.”

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Ep. 59 – Leaning Into Love and Nature – An Interview With Heath Armstrong

In this interview, Heath explains how his life started turning around after waking up face-down-pants-down in his garage during a rock-bottom breakdown. He began interviewing 100+ creative entrepreneurs and adopting their strategies. He also had the help of a few magical strangers. Heath shares some of the tips and techniques that have helped him live with a sense of rebirth every day.  Living in tune with Nature, surrendering expectations, having a morning routine and “leaning into love and letting his heart rise up”.  

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Ep. 57 – Turn Your “Money Monster” Into A “Money Honey” – With Morgana Rae

Join us in this interview with Morgana Rae, money relationship expert and 20-time international #1 best-selling author of Financial Alchemy: Twelve Months of Magic and Manifestation. She is regarded as the world’s #1 authority on the relationship with money. In this episode, she describes her frustrating early experiences with money due to her “superpowers of money revulsion.”

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Ep. 55 – Journey From Self-Sabotage to Self-Mastery – With Dylan Charles

Dylan Charles is a self-described “battered soul” who found his way from self-sabotage to self-mastery by being open to his inner wisdom and seizing on opportunities to increase his knowledge and take action to improve his life and the lives of those around him.

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EP. 54 – “Trusting Yourself” – An Interview With Kathleen Flanagan

In this interview with Carol, Kathleen Flanagan talks about “trusting yourself” and tells of lessons learned in her “walk through fear” that led to emotional healing and her own “awakening.” The role of meditation was vital in her learning to trust herself. That, along with her spiritual experiences, has given her the passion and impetus for helping others with “designing, defining, testing, and experiencing a crystal clear vision of the life they would love.”

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Ep. 53 – Creating vs. Consuming In A Digital World – With Corbett Barr

In this interview, Corbett Barr talks with Carol about life being a refinement process with increasing awareness on the importance of creating vs. consuming in a digital world and having a heart-centered focus. Recently Corbett has taken a look at his life and the world and pivoted to focus on “tech for social good, digital minimalism, and the creator economy.” In his conversation with Carol, he talks about how this period of reevaluation and contemplation has led him back to writing.

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Ep. 51 – Transforming Your Relationship With Fear

In this interview, Tim McDonald discusses with Carol his life path and the challenges that have transformed his relationship with fear. Recognizing how it held him back, he talks about how embracing his fear helped him get unstuck and leave a toxic job, end a 17-year marriage, move to a new city, and meet his life partner. 

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