Ep. 82 – From Catwalk to Nature’s Canvas – Shana Robbins’ Artistic Transformation

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Explore the captivating world of Shana Robbins—her artistic transformation and how she weaves her art as a cultural creative, an eco-feminist, and a shape-shifter. In this conversation, you’ll gain a deep understanding of how Shana utilizes the transformative abilities of plant medicine rituals to unveil the profound connection between personal growth and our interdependent relationship with nature.

In this enchanting interview, Shana shares her challenging life as a child and her remarkable journey of how she came to discover and embody her nature-oriented art after a career in modeling. Her work has been fueled by her global travels, inspirational ideas, and performances in some of the most magnificent and magical locations.

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Beyond her artistic endeavors, Shana imparts her wisdom as an Art professor at Georgia State University and delves into the mystical practice of Butoh, a unique combination of walking meditation and dance deeply rooted in the natural world. Join us as we uncover the intricate layers of Shana’s artistic universe and gain profound insights into what she refers to as our radical interdependence with the wild.”

Show Notes:

  1. Experiencing abuse as a child and teen
  2. Tuning into the creative as a survival tool
  3. “Earth as my Mother”
  4. Learning to touch the world – fully embodied
  5. Awakening experiences with Shamans and plant medicine
  6. Release of the heart through ceremony
  7. Importance of establishing community
  8. Understanding Sympoiesis – “participatory relations
  9. Graduate school – teachers who planted guiding questions
  10. Exploring eco-avatars and eco-emissaries
  11. Spiderwoman influences
  12. The Goddess Garden in Atlanta
  13. Importance of solitude and spaces
  14. Helpful rituals for living fully

Social Media:

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Resources Mentioned:

Goddess Garden Atlanta Founded by Shasta Zaring

Heart Centered Wisdom Shared:

One of her favorite inspirational quotes: “To heal ourselves and the earth, we need to sing to the mountains, speak to the living world, and resonate with our surroundings.”

Some excerpts from the episode:

“I am connected with, and a part of, and immersed in an incredible exquisite tapestry of sentients.”
“Commune with poeta mathematical patterns and energies.”
“Tune into your inner light – allow it to emanate.”

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