Ep. 84 – Journey Tending: The Wheel Of Life – With Alberto Roman

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In this soul-stirring episode of “Journey Tending: The Wheel of Life,” Alberto Roman, a mystical voyager through life’s tapestry, returns to the Hearts Rise Up podcast to delve into the profound turns of his wheel of life. Having previously enchanted listeners in Episode 32 with tales from his Costa Rican haven, the path of a shaman, healing as an occupation, art, and music, Alberto re-emerges from the “Big Bright” of creativity and ancient wisdom to recount a passage through life’s darker woods. Battling illness and loss, he reveals the transformative power of thought, community, and spiritual resilience. Join us as Alberto illuminates the paths that lead through fear and grief toward healing and hope.

Show Notes

  1. Igniting the church of my skull
  2. Storytelling as a tool for transformation and clarification
  3. Navigating significant life challenges like cancer
  4. Releasing assumptions and adjusting to a new body and new consciousness
  5. Importance of spiritual practices to help depersonalize the event
  6. Blending Western medicines, spiritual practices, and my tribe to restore health
  7. Communing with beauty and solace
  8. The role of tears
  9. Dancing with the demon of fear
  10. Having an aspirational narrative and cultivating imagery
  11. Community and catharsis
  12. “Plant medicine is about communion”
  13. The “arena” – Influential dreams and characters

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