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Free weekly thought-provoking emails designed to help you tap into your inner wisdom and unleash the power to live in your loving, heart-centered Higher Self.

About The Notes

Inspiring, Motivating and Grounding

Connect to your deepest knowing while letting go of your fear-based ego. 

Set the Stage for a Positive Week

Remind you that you have the power to choose how you show up every day and to focus on being your best and highest self.

Simple and Effective

Form new mindful habits quickly and easily to live in your Divine Self.

Connect to Your Center of Power

Access your true nature – your heart-centered, higher consciousness. Your potential is the most powerful in this state of being.

What Others Are Saying

“These notes are awesome!”

“Beautifully said.”

“I am loving these.”

“I needed this. Thank you.” 

“Wow, how profound and powerful. Just what I needed today.”

“The ‘Notes to Your Higher Self’ …are really nourishing. They provide me with an opportunity to pause and reflect, if just for a moment… something I’m trying to do more. The way in which they’re written…feel like they are coming from somewhere ‘higher’, or ‘deeper within’ me. I am looking forward to continuing to soak them up.”

The Notes will remind you to respond to all situations from your “loving, heart-centered” Higher Self rather than reacting from your “fear-based” lower self.

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Sample Notes

A Note From Your Higher Self

Learn To Flow With The Current Of Manifestation

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A Note From Your Higher Self

Think A Little Less, Feel A Little More

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A Note From Your Higher Self

Care Enough To Not Care

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A Note From Your Higher Self

Allow Your Passion To Ignite The Flame Within

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A Note From Your Higher Self

Stop. Be Still. Notice The Sacredness Of Your Existence

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A Note From Your Higher Self

You Are The Architect of Your World

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