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You know that to become your best self-requires rising to a higher level in your own personal consciousness and state of being. It requires that you master your mind, the way you think, act, feel, and live.

Your Higher Self has an unlimited supply of your best self. When you give your best self to the world you help to improve the world. It’s that simple!

Access Your Inner Wisdom

A guided meditation (Mp3) with atmospheric sonic music composed in a deep meditative state so that you can enter that same state quickly to harness the power of your intuitive guidance.

Quiet the mind, de-stress, relax the body, let go of the ego, and get into a state of flow so you can “listen to your heart.” Achieve greater clarity and confidence.

Includes a Journal with instructions and plenty of space to record and track progress over 21 days.


Access Your Inner Wisdom

Mp3 Guided Meditation with 21-Day Journal

Rising up to life’s challenges and being your best every day is hard work especially in today’s wild and crazy world.

At Hearts Rise Up we help people like you make daily progress on being your best self. It can be tough going it alone. That’s why we’re here to help you rise up and live in your Higher Self every day.


Being your best self takes time just like developing a personal fitness routine that becomes a daily habit. It takes the right routine to get in shape and a life-long commitment to stay in shape.

Over time, you’ll experience amazing changes and you won’t want to go back to your old self. 
That’s a promise!

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As personal development practitioners, mentors, and coaches with a practical, spiritual side we want to help you make being your Best Self a Daily Habit. Once it becomes an automatic habit, it’s a whole ‘New Elevated Way of Being’.

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“Access Your Inner Wisdom” – Harness the power of your intuitive guidance with a 21-day journal and guided meditation with music composed in a deep meditative state so that you can enter that same state quickly too.

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