Ep. 80 – Leveraging The Qualities Of Neurodiversity – With Carson Reed

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In this interview, Carson Reed shares how leveraging the qualities of his neurodiversity has advanced his career of choice – 3D animation and film. Diagnosed earlier in life with autism spectrum disorder, he has found that his neurodiverse qualities empower him to think differently and have proven to provide significant advantages in his personal and professional life. He also describes some of his childhood experiences, the triggers that bother him the most, and how he copes with them.

Carson is a brilliant, young cinematic animator.  He is already making his mark in the world of motion pictures as one of the top people in his field. His company is CinemaMotions. He describes himself as a 3D animator and Motion Capture Actor. This career started while he was in high school. He describes what he does as “creating stories through 3D animated characters and CGI worlds.” He has mastered many of the programs needed to excel in this genre and is making tutorial videos to help others using his “weirdly good” memory. In addition, Carson’s hobbies include guitar, gaming, and connecting with his friends.

Show Notes

  1. Defining moments in my life
  2. Challenges & struggles of Autism
  3. Recollections of childhood
  4. Triggers in everyday life
  5. Coping & managing in business & personal settings
  6. Thinking backward & deconstructing
  7. Applying my abilities to my work today
  8. “Breaking the software”
  9. Biggest lessons & influences
  10. Importance of feedback
  11. Value of friendly competition
  12. Logic vs Emotion
  13. My definition of success

Social Media/Website:

Website CinemaMotions





Books Mentioned

The Enlightened Gardner by Sydney Banks


David Baum

Jiddu Krishnamurti

Some excerpts from the episode:

“My memory is weirdly good.”
“Breaking the software is a plus.”
“Don’t develop an ego over something that isn’t you.”
“Success is whatever makes you content…Success is not defined by your bank account.  It’s just how you live.”
“Everything I’m doing is as calculated as it can be to the best of my ability.  And if I mess up, then I learn from it and move on. I don’t dwell on it.”
“If you have an idea, stick with it. The only opinion that actually really matters is your own.”
“Don’t get distracted by what other people might think.”


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