Concetta Antonelli

About Concetta

I am an Italian-American living, loving, learning, playing & working on the Expat Planet in France, with my French husband and 1 cat in the countryside just outside of Bordeaux.

I am a self-proclaimed ‘Groupologist’ as I have over 40 years of experience studying, facilitating & puzzling over people in groups.

My formal education includes a M.S. in Contemplative Psychotherapy from Naropa University and a multitude of workshops & trainings in group dynamics, management & facilitation.

I worked in Human Resources in large, medium & small organizations for over 25 years. Then after receiving my Masters I worked in a Non-Profit Counseling Center as both a Therapist and Program Director for 8 years.

I am also a Reiki master, Sum Faht Meditation teacher & a self-trained Jin Shin Jyutsu & EFT (Tapping) practitioner. I continue my education in the University of Life, currently volunteering with a Franco-American Association, leading a Creativity Art Process Group and making collage Art.

My Story:

• Childhood/Adolescence: 50s, 60s & 70s
• Being Italian/Catholic growing up in the South (always ‘different’)
• Parents with Domestic Violence/Alcohol issues
• Bullying
• Meditation/Yoga
• University
• 1st job(s)

The 80s: Building a life

• Work
• Marriage
• Family
• Friendship
• Spiritual connections (Star Christa)
• Health/Fitness/Weight issues

The 90s: 10 years of Transition & Transformation

• Loss
• Dessert Storm
• Divorce
• Death
• Health
• Job Change(s)
• Move to Colorado
• Meditation & My Teacher
• Naropa-beginning

The Early 2000s: Leaning into a new life

• Naropa-ending
• Recovery
• The Counseling Center
• The Safe Exchange Program
• Clearing past Family Dynamics in the present
• Teaching
• Meditation Group: More dynamics
• Healing Trauma
• Re-finding Love
• Moving to France

2006 – Present: Re-inventing a life

• Marriage/Love
• The Expat Planet
• Teaching English
• WTF?
• Menopause
• Saging
• Occupy Sanity
• Freedom to be
• To be continued…

My Resilience (aka: Dealing with Life as a Human) Toolbox includes:

• Meditation
• Humor…laugh, laugh, laugh!
• EFT (Tapping)
• The Body Code
• Giving/Receiving Energy Work
• Animals
• Mother Nature
• Therapy
• Making Art
• Paint
• Pastels
• Collage
• Photography
• Needlework
• Reading (listening to Audio Books)
• Biographies
• Inspirational journeys
• Historical fiction
• Fantasy
• Wine
• Food
• Yoga
• Hiking/Walking/Biking
• The ‘Whatever!’ Tool
• Teaching/Facilitating

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