The Heart Resonance Primer

A 6-Week Online Course to Create Coherence and Harmony in Heart, Body, and Mind

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The Heart Resonance Primer


Our minds and bodies are undergoing undue stress with the chaotic changes occurring on our planet. That’s why we need to cultivate practices and habits in our daily life that bring the heartmind, and body back into alignment. 

This is an accelerated and intensive 6-week course that creates the foundation to embed new habits and practices that shift how you care for your mind and body, and how you relate to yourself, others, and the world. Key elements of the course include:

Breath Training ~ Meditation ~ Mind Fitness

Movement ~  Nutrition ~ Deep Sleep

Environmental Harmony ~ Relationships

Tune Into Your Inner Being

Quiet the mind, relax the body, and get into a state of flow to tune into your inner being and connect to your true self.

Lower Stress with Beauty and Ease

Lower stress levels, decompress from daily activities, the daily grind, and increase heart-centered awareness with beauty and ease.

Embed New Mindful Habits

Embed new mindful habits through simple and effective daily practices that boost physical, mental, emotional, and overall well-being. 

Dive Deep for Self-Discovery

Take a deep dive for self-discovery, establish a baseline assessment to measure and track progress.

Gain Crystal Clarity

Gain crystal clarity in the life you want to create with a solid foundation to build upon.

Unleash the Power Within

Unleash the power within to foster more gratitude in your life, cultivate loving-kindness and compassion, let go of fear and resistance and build inner strength and courage, clarity and focus.

If you’re a seeker of the Truth, are ready to accelerate your growth, and take the first step on your journey to heart awakening, then this course is for you. You’ll cultivate greater openness, connection, and trust with everyone and everything in your life.

The Power to Rise Up is within you.
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Weekly Videos and Modules with instructions – each set the stage for the daily practices for that week.


Guided Meditations to support each week’s theme. Streamable through SoundCloud.

Daily and Weekly Practices – with detailed instructions to cultivate and embed new habits.


A Journal + Progress Log to record insights, make notes, and review progress on daily/weekly practices.

A Private Community – engage with instructors and other course participants for sharing, accountability, and support. 

Once these practices have been solidified, you will have unlimited access to the Private Community and Course Group for continued growth. You’ll have the opportunity to create your own customized daily and weekly practices that fit your needs and be part of a nurturing community of heart-centered souls.

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What Others Are Saying About The Course and Community

“I have been on a spiritual and self-improvement journey for many years.
When Carol approached me about the ‘Heart Resonance Primer’ course, at first, I thought ‘Hmm, well just another course.’ Not because I knew everything I needed to know, but rather I have had some weekly and monthly practices that were working for me and I was happy with those. But I knew this would be a great opportunity and jumped in. My goals were to assess where I was and be clear with my priorities because I intended to find some balance between yin and yang activities. I was doing a lot of action – DOING rather than BEING and I wanted to find some balance with that. So I dove in. What I discovered was surprising. Magic was created when this group, in particular, came together especially with the support of the participants and the community platform. It made it easier to reach my goals. I loved the activities. Some of those activities pushed the limits for me, and what I found, in the end, was being curious, trying some new variety, and testing myself expanded my practice, and I found the balance I was seeking. I highly recommend joining the Heart Resonance Primer course and this community.”

—Concetta Antonelli

“I participated in the inaugural Heart Resonance Primer thinking I would be enlisting in a course that might enable me to learn new methods to continue the development of a better me. I have recently come to believe life is like a round of golf, and that every golfer wants to play the last few holes better than the first few. Certainly, I learned new and helpful methods and discovered novel and profound ideas, but equally important, I joined a community of seekers that has been a continuing source of inspiration and comfort. It is a privilege to be a member of a group with keen interests in humble self-awareness, kindness, and compassion in a period clouded by disease, division, and ambition. On the whole, the experiences I have had and continue to have, with Carol and our community have provided a catalyst for personal growth that my family, friends, and I find both enjoyable and gratifying. Morning walks now are more like an immersion in the outdoors and daily interactions with family and friends are warmed by many more smiles and much more laughter.” 

 —Dale Smalley

I took this course (Heart Resonance Primer) in hopes to help create more balance in my life. To learn what my true why is and to set goals to reach a more purposeful/fulfilling life. I joined with an open mind and open heart.  I struggled with making time for me so I enrolled in this course to do something about it, to make a change, to set some goals and to release some self limitations I had created.  It was a great first step for me.  It was a challenge to make the time and commitment and I realized I was only going to get out what I put in.  Meditating has always been challenging but I truly enjoyed the guided meditations in this course and have since added meditating on a more consistent basis. Above all Hearts Rise Up is as it says.  A way to open up, share, and collaborate with an ever growing group of clever, passionate, and like minded friends.  I am looking forward to the next chapter.

 —Tess Austin

The Power To Rise Up To Your Best and Greatest Self Is Within YOU Now

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The Heart Resonance Primer

A 6-Week Course!

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Empowered Expansion and Freedom

Open Your Mind

This course will help you begin to cultivate new ways of thinking, feeling, seeing, and being in the world.


Align To A Higher Vibration

Create energetic alignment, boost your overall state of being and belief in yourself, and step up your vibration to begin living in your best and Highest Self.

Personal Growth

A committed practice of meditation with daily techniques helps you enhance your mental, physical, emotional, and mental well-being.


Mind, Body & Heart Alignment

Improve mental focus, reduce stress, overcome anxiety, build resilience, and increase emotional well-being.

Yes, elevating your “state of being” takes effort and commitment just like developing a personal fitness routine that becomes a daily habit. It takes the right routine to get in shape and a life-long commitment to stay in shape. The same for personal transformation.

The Power to Rise Up to your greatest and untapped potential is within you and the time to start is now.

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