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Notes from Your Higher Self

Short, weekly thought-provoking prompts (direct to your Inbox) to help you rise up and awaken to your own inner power every day. Designed to help you form new mindful habits quickly and easily for incremental and lasting change over time.


Hearts Rise Up Podcast

Experience inspiration with host Carol and co-hosts Ann and Concetta along with guest interviews to help you elevate your mind, your life and the worldTogether we can rise to a higher level of consciousness and constructive state of being, and live in our heart-centered Higher Self.


Short posts and articles, how-to’s, tips and stories to help you rise up and elevate to a higher level in your own personal and spiritual growth. Delivered direct to your Inbox. Includes our Occupy Sanity Tool (OST) series monthly.

Access Your Inner Wisdom

A guided meditation (Mp3) with atmospheric sonic music composed in a deep meditative state so that you can enter that same state quickly to harness the power of your intuitive guidance.

Quiet the mind, de-stress, relax the body, let go of the ego, and get into a state of flow so you can “listen to your heart.” Achieve greater clarity and confidence.

Includes a Journal with instructions and plenty of space to record and track progress over 21 days.


Access Your Inner Wisdom

Mp3 Guided Meditation with 21-Day Journal

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The Heart Resonance Primer 

The first in a 3-part intensive series to elevate your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well-being for radical life transformation.

Get access to videos, meditations, a journal, group coaching, and a private community for sharing and learning.

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