Ep. 87 – Ecstasy In Everyday Life – With Alara Sage

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In this episode, Ecstasy in Everyday Life, we dive deep into spirituality with the incredible transformative spiritual guide Alara Sage. With over 15 years of experience, Alara shares her profound journey of awakening, from a spontaneous Kundalini Awakening to connecting deeply with her Higher Self. She delves into the wisdom of the womb, the essence of Kundalini Shakti, and the power of surrendering to suffering. Alara introduces the “Spiritual Kung Fu” concept, teaching how to achieve profound relaxation and presence in life. Tune in to discover how to ignite your divine potential, access deep healing, and live a life of ecstatic bliss and creation.

Alara is the creator of Unity Academy – an academy of embodiment, self-awareness, and magic. She assists seekers in connecting deeply to their Higher Self, accessing their power, and profoundly creating their reality. She believes that we’re here to live ecstatically and magically. She teaches with a precise modality that creates results while energetically activating an individual’s Kundalini Shakti. Whether you are new to spirituality or a seasoned practitioner, Alara will assist you in awakening more of your Divinity.

Alara works with women seeking healing and describes herself as a “womb shaman, healer of sexual energy and infertility, activator of Creative Life Force (Shakti)”.  Alara hosts The Ecstatic Woman Podcast and has many other talents, including animal communication, prophetic, and most of all teaching.

Show Notes:

  1. Challenges on the spiritual path
  2. Learning to let go of attachments
  3. Connecting and validating the voice of our Higher Self
  4. “Surrender into the suffering.”
  5. Revelation of God and the path to bliss and ecstasy
  6. Aligning with service to all
  7. Importance of relaxation vs. rest
  8. Practicing Spiritual Kung Fu
  9. An unexpected introduction to Kundalini energy
  10. Respectfully accessing and working with Kundalini Shakti
  11. The “wisdom of the womb”
  12. Understanding the Creation Point
  13. Connecting the heart and the womb
  14. The Enneagram as a magical modality 

Book Mentioned:

Kundalini Awakening

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Heart Centered Wisdom Shared:

“Law of One – we are all creation, all source, we all come from the energy.”

“Suffering truly is grace.”

“You are ultimately an ecstatic being.”

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