One-on-One Guidance

“Let’s have a conversation about how I can guide you in achieving the bigger life that your HEART is calling you toward.”

Heart-Centered Support

With Carol

Your Consciousness Guide

Lead the bigger life you’ve been wanting to live.

Build the foundation for leading a heart-centered, intuitive life with confidence and clarity.

1. Create a vision for your future state.

3. Apply simple practices for self-care, daily-living, heart-centered connections with others.

5. Expand the possibilities for your life, work and relationships.

2. Begin the inner work to light the pathway forward.

4. Learn to Think Different, Lead Different, and Be Different.

What to Expect

What I bring to the coaching relationship:

“Standing in the future” you want to create.

Helping you get unstuck and focus on what matters most to you.

Challenging and supporting you on your aspirations, priorities, blind spots.

Speaking to you based on a commitment to the truth.

Helping you celebrate and cheer your successes.

What you bring to the coaching relationship:

Something at stake, e.g., commitment to the desired future state.

An open mind with curiosity, learning, listening, and humility.

Desire to look at your life holistically.

Declaring what may look impossible is possible.

Following through on daily practices.

Together we’ll bring clarity, power, and velocity to your growth.

Deep Dive Clarity Session


An action plan for your vision

Intuitive 1:1 coaching via Zoom


A simple journal process for daily reflection


Daily practices, actions and strategies

Email support between sessions

Weeks 1 & 2 – Deep Dive Clarity (Create Your Vision)

Using an Appreciative Self-Inquiry approach you’ll gain clarity, find out what is working in your life, targeted areas of focus, and the desired future state.

1. IDENTIFY personal challenges, limiting beliefs, issues that hold you back.

2. EXPLORE insights, hidden potential, and opportunities for growth.

3. UNDERSTAND who you are – i.e., your personal truth, your values

4. FOCUS on the positive – strengths, interests, talents

5. EMBED new habits/behaviors.

Subsequent Weeks (TBD) – Implement New Mindful Habits and Key Actions

Areas of Focus:

• Declaring and owning your future state – “putting a stake in the ground”
• Journaling using a simple practice for self-reflection and creative insight
• Quieting and clearing the mind, tuning in and aligning with your true self
• Acknowledging and releasing limiting beliefs
• Focusing on instilling new beliefs that optimize possibilities
• Implementing key actions, and new mindful habits and behaviors for positive change
• Creating and managing boundaries in relationships (self and others)
• Establishing self-care rituals that foster self-love, gratitude, and resilience
• Setting and achieving goals/milestones; acknowledging expectations

Create Change…through awareness, exploration, challenging your assumptions and discovering your unseen potential.

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