Ep. 83 – From Logic to Intuition: A Skeptic’s Path to Spiritual Awakening – With Julia Marie

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Join us in this episode with Julia Marie as she walks us through her spiritual awakening. She offers a unique perspective on the guiding ‘voices in your head’ and the ‘Sound of the Universe,’ linking them to spiritual teachers and innate childhood capabilities. She candidly discusses the skepticism stemming from her military and legal background and reveals how she embraced her intuition through validation training. Prepare to be inspired by Julia’s journey of awakening, and her remarkable and evolving abilities as an energy healer, medium, and intuitive—more about Julia in her bio below.

Show Notes

  1. Spiritual Transformative Events (STEs)
  2. Perceiving energy teachers – voices in my head
  3. Sound of the Universe – Recalling childhood abilities
  4. Coping with unbelievers by tamping down my senses
  5. Military, law, & psychology = skeptic with logical mind
  6. Using validation training to confirm messages & teachings
  7. Challenges of being an intuitive and a medium
  8. Unfolding intuition organically – go with your strength
  9. Side effects of “waking up”
  10. Benefits of finding a like-minded community
  11. What to look for in a mentor/teacher
  12. Evolution of my Restorative Energy Technique
  13. Awakening – expansion – blessing


Website  https://www.juliamarie.us/

Podcast: https://evolvinghumans.buzzsprout.com/

Podcast Episode Mentioned: https://evolvinghumans.buzzsprout.com/1883831/14138150-ep-93-2024-in-perspective-the-planet-is-ascending-and-so-are-you-julia-marie

Free Offer

Julia has made a free grounding meditation and 7 Simple Intuition Hacks available to our listeners.


Julia’s Book:

Signals From My Soul: A Spiritual Memoir of Awakening by Julia Marie – January 2024 release – Amazon

Author’s Page on Amazon

Heart Centered Wisdom Shared:

“If I could go from fear and confusion to quiet confidence, understanding that all is well in my world, so can you.”

“Connecting with Nature. That feeds my soul.”

More about Julia (Bio)

With over 30 years of experience, Julia fosters others’ spiritual development. As a trans-dimensional healer and intuitive medium, she founded the Academy for the Intuitive Arts in 1997, nurturing sensitive individuals toward their spiritual potential. Globally recognized, she offers spiritual consultations and a practical approach to spirituality.

Her memoir, “Signals from My Soul,” recounts her spiritual awakening and learning to live guided by an inner voice. Julia’s multifaceted expertise includes a BA in Psychology, a Law Degree, military service, and a longstanding career as an intuitive consultant. Her credentials are complemented by QHHT training with Delores Cannon and various certifications in intuitive disciplines, making her a uniquely qualified spiritual mentor. Lastly, she is the host of Evolving Humans Podcast. Her mission is to help sensitive seekers understand that we are all wired the same and that the Teacher lives within each of us.

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