Create The Life You Want Part 7: Apply The Law of Gender

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What is the Law of Gender?

In the Kybalion, it says The “Law of Gender is in everything; everything has its masculine and feminine principles – yin and yang. Gender manifests on all planes of existence. – physical, mental, and spiritual.”

This post is the final in a seven-part series on how to Create The Life You Want by understanding and applying The 7 Natural Laws of the Universe.

This article focuses on the seventh law – The Law of Gender. Here are links to previous posts in this series:

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This Law has nothing to do with how people typically refer to gender, instead, it indicates that Gender manifests in everyone.  We can use the Law of Gender by balancing the spiritual (Higher Self) and physical (lower self or Ego – “I”). It is important to not let the ego get out of control (i.e., don’t let it into the driver’s seat of your life). Instead, allow the Higher and intuitive Self to guide your life.

How Does the Law of Gender Operate?

On a mental level, the masculine is the active or dynamic element of mind. It gives the impulse to the Conscious or Objective Mind. The feminine is the passive, receiving element of mind. It receives an impulse to the Sub-conscious or Subjective Mind.

Our brains have a left and a right side that correspond to gender traits – left brain – more active, right brain – more receptive and creative. Both elements need one another. Although both men and women on the physical plane have a physiological male or female body both elements exist within each of us at the same time.

The masculine element operates in the direction of expression and if not held in check can sometimes act without restraint which could result in the wrong result or chaos. Whereas the female element operates in the direction of receiving impressions and can sometimes reflect to a point of paralysis or stagnation. We could review how these elements have played out in history on a global, regional, and smaller scale, but that is not the intention of this post.

How Can You Work With the Law of Gender To Create the Life You Want?

Working with this Universal Law requires that we each learn to integrate both elements within us as needed to gain clarity and balance our intentions, thoughts, impressions, emotions, and actions. To work with this law effectively, here are four steps:

1. Take some time to sit quietly and tune in to your Higher Self regularly for clarity and to get clear on your intentions.

2. Feel shifts or changes in your physical body and note what feels good and what doesn’t feel good. Notice any shifts in your emotions. Allow yourself to receive creative impulses, impressions, ideas.

3. Once you feel some energy expansion (based on what comes through) sit for a while in contemplation.

4. Allow some quiet time to guide you to the desired or inspired action required for the decisions in your life.

When the two principles of feminine and masculine work in tandem you will see the creative reflection and thoughtful action combined that produces a balance between the two and that garners the most constructive and desirable results. What is most essential is to connect with your intuitive inner knowing (i.e., be in alignment with your Higher Self) so that you can act appropriately to create a balance between the masculine and feminine energies for success.

This concludes the 7 part series of Create the Life You Want by applying these Universal Laws.

These are laws that we need to understand and be vigilant in our own awareness of what we think, feel, and perceive. We can elevate our personal vibration and human experience to one of fulfillment, a sense of purpose, self-mastery because of the use and application of our inner power in alignment with these laws.


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