Ep. 11 – Human DOing vs. Human BEing

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In this episode, Concetta and Carol talk about what it means to be a Human Doing vs. a Human Being in today’s world. It’s a question all of us must ask ourselves as we live in an increasingly complex, fast-paced and ever-changing world that involves so much doing. Most everyone’s day appears to be externally driven involving so much doing.

Show Notes

Concetta and Carol explore a variety of things that impact and influence the amount of Human Doing vs. Being and what we can do create more of a balance between the two, such as:

  1. Balancing action and rest
  2. What is it to be a Human “BEing” (as a verb)?
  3. Stillness in being
  4. “Indulging” in the present moment
  5. Healing from burnout – the power of Nature
  6. Decision points 
  7. What is human “DOing”?
  8. Balance achievement and being busy with self-nurturing
  9. The continuum of doing and being
  10. Living life on purpose
  11. Benefits of balance
  12. Role of meditation and self-reflection
  13. How to address hindrances for balance
  14. Time and Trust
  15. Power of choice
  16. Tips and Techniques
  17. Being = Nourishment of mind and body
  18. Being in tune with the cycles of life

Book Mentioned: 

The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren

The Sensitivity Cycle Mentioned

As referenced in The Wisdom of a Pause For Clarity To Act

Music by Jonn Serrie

Intro and Outro music composed and recorded by Jonn Serrie.

Website: http://www.thousandstar.com/

Record Labels and Links to Jonn’s Music: Valley Entertainment and New World Music


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