Ep. 34 – Listen To Your Heart To Create Success From The Inside Out

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An Interview With Jeanne Sharbuno – seasoned coach, team facilitator, fun ballroom dance instructor, and author of “52 Ways To Live Success…From the Inside Out: Bite-Size Coaching for Success-Minded People.”

Confident that she was making a place for herself in the corporate world, Jeanne Sharbuno faced a life-defining moment when she was laid off for the third time in four years. She vowed never to be at the mercy of another corporation for her livelihood. Thus began the journey that took her “From Corporate Misfit to Ballroom Dancing Queen.” She shares how listening to her heart, and intuition, led her to create success from the inside out.

Jeanne and Concetta explore how following our inner guidance enables us to discover what the heart wants. We learn how becoming a coach empowered Jeanne to embrace her vocation and prepared her to help others from the inside out. Once again, by listening to an internal nudge, she discovered her avocation: teaching Ballroom Dancing. As she notes, she was guided by her “inner Ginger Rogers” which led her to uncover her bliss.

She shares ways to fine-tune our inner listening skills. Learn Jeanne’s success formula as she explains the importance of having a coach in your corner.

Jeanne continues to model how listening to your heart is living from the inside out with her unique ability to connect with and inspire people at all levels. She enjoys guiding people in answering that question “What’s next?” As a train-the-coach trainer for Best Year Yet® Worldwide, she is passionate about training and mentoring new coaches to be the best possible coaches for their clients.

Show Notes:

“Success happens from the inside out”

Being a “corporate misfit.”

“Everyone should carefully observe which way his heart draws him – then choose that way with all your heart.” – Hasidic Saying

Listening from the inside to inner nudging and intuitive knowing

Being yourself is being spiritual

Flow Activities create a state where time stands still

Body Wisdom

Answers can come in different ways

Navigating obstacles

Thinking in ways that support us rather than sabotage us

Accountability = keeping promises to yourself

Shifting limiting paradigms

Role of Dance – Joy, A Flow Activity

Website Info:

Website:  www.JeanneSharbuno.com

Special Report on the Home page: “How to Achieve More in 1 Week Than Most Do In 12.”

Blog articles on website include:

“4 Tips to Inspired, Effective Goal-Setting”

“How to Blast Out of Overwhelm So You Can Be Laser-Focused” and

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Free excerpt of eBook: “A Taste of 52 Ways to Live Success…from the Inside Out!”

Under the Book Tab on Jeanne’s website. Scroll down the page and find it the on left hand side.

Offer for our listeners: The First 3 people who email Jeanne at coach@jeannesharbuno.com will receive a FREE 30-minute session. 

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