Ep. 78 – Unleashing Your Unique, Inner Genius – With Soleira Green

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Future innovator and quantum coach Soleira Green shares her perspective and vision for a radiant future where we all can tap into and build upon our unique inner genius and possibility. She sees this as a time of great innovation and collaboration.

Soleira Green is an amazing woman with a story we can all benefit from. She is the author of 14 visionary books. In addition, she is a quantum coach, future innovator, consciousness elevator, leadership facilitator, and “ALLchemist.” Her desire to share these talents came about from two life-changing moments, which she discusses in this interview. Soleira offers guidance through her coaching, videos, and books to help us tap into and realize our superpowers of creativity for personal and global transformation.

Show Notes

  1. Life changing moments
  2. How the death of a loved one opened the door
  3. Epiphany on the Glastonbury Tor 
  4. Extreme exploration within and without
  5. ALLchemy and Limitless Potential
  6. Becoming aware of shifts in consciousness
  7. Empathy and energetic mastery
  8. Simple ways to open to vitality and life force
  9. Tapping into resonance vs. dissonance
  10. Going from channeling to owning my creative intelligence
  11. Quantum Coaching
  12. Being a future innovative
  13. “Say ‘Yes’ to greatness”

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Books Mentioned

Soleira’s Books 

Place Mentioned

Glastonbury Tor

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