Ep. 77 – From Pain to Possibility – With Greg Wieting

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In this interview, “From Pain to Possibility,” Greg Wieting shares his journey of insurmountable anxiety, trauma, depression, and chronic pain. He talks about the path that brought him to study neuroscience and trauma, leading to his healing from debilitating Scoliosis with miraculous results.

Greg is a health consultant, energy healer, speaker, leadership, and entrepreneurship facilitator.  Through his own journey and training, Greg developed a program called Prisma Method that offers 7 steps or pillars to healing. He practices Mindfulness, Somatic Healing, and BodyTalk – a comprehensive and personalized healthcare system in tandem with Reiki. All these tools and his personalized consulting help his clients “get to the root of your anxiety, depression, and chronic pain and heal.”

Greg shares his story and mission with the world through speaking engagements on consciousness, energy medicine, trauma-informed healing, neuroplasticity, brain health, and the intersection of spirituality, purpose, and entrepreneurship.

Show Notes:

  1. Reaching burnout on my way to “save the world”
  2. Introduction to Somatics, India, and mindfulness
  3. Trauma and neuroscience
  4. A 7-step system to make healing more accessible
  5. Acute, chronic, and complex trauma
  6. Beyond Fight or Flight
  7. Going from “pain to possibility.”
  8. The orchestra of our bodies – music vs. noise
  9. Depression and anxiety
  10. Reconnecting to our innate wisdom
  11. My arc of transformation
  12. Shifting from extrinsic to intrinsic motivation
  13. Defying the odds

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