Ep. 76 – Reframing Your Relationship With Money – With Amanda Strojny

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Amanda Strojny shares the impactful journey that transformed her life and how she helps to “reframe your relationship with money.”

Amanda is a teacher at heart and in action. She combines her extensive business coaching knowledge and yogic training principles to assist her clients in uncovering their relationship with money. By uncovering our beliefs and following three basic tenets, which Amanda calls her Rules of Money, we can all live in alignment with the currency of energy called money.

Reframing our relationship with money can give us the “Golden Ticket” to financial freedom and empowerment. Amanda also has a podcast called Untapped Power – Success On Your Terms and meditations to share on her website.

Amanda is an ERYT 200-hour experienced registered Yoga teacher and a Certified Transformational Coach. She uses those skills and experiences to coach her corporate and small business clients and yoga instructors “in their business and career while staying rooted in their unique gifts.” In addition, she provides clients with a clear and concise Financial Roadmap to monetize their skills.

Show Notes:

  1. How we tell our story
  2. Do I follow the familial path or “my” path
  3. Seeds of change – Transitioning to the entrepreneurial space
  4. Discovering where attachment to beliefs come from
  5. Value of patience, hope, and faith
  6. The process of “unpacking our money story”
  7. Defining how money and success relate
  8. How to use a professional financial planner
  9. Be accountable to yourself and in alignment
  10. Three “Rules of Money”
  11. Changing your inner and outer dialogue about money
  12. Dealing with your blind spots
  13. Meditation, journaling, yoga, and reaching out for support

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