Ep. 75 – The Gift of Disruption – With Natalie Viglione

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Natalie Viglione is a creative, intuitive entrepreneur who changed her life thanks to the gift of disruption. In this interview, Natalie shares her journey.

After a fast climb up the corporate ladder in executive marketing and sales roles, Natalie decided to venture into the world of entrepreneurship. Subsequently, she founded a creative collective called Team Gu. Natalie runs the company with her husband, Marc, focusing on creative content marketing. They have now evolved Team Gu to include life and business guidance. Through these efforts, they added the Disrupt Now program and podcasts.  She is committed to helping other entrepreneurs awaken the power within to remember and become conscious divine co-creators with the universe so they can bring their gifts to the world.

Natalie is skilled at blending creativity with science. A cycle breaker, truth seeker, intuitive, priestess, healer, and lightworker, Natalie’s a vessel for life and business guidance to help us regain our power. As a healer, Natalie is currently learning divine nutrition – advice for our unique body’s blueprint. She also has been studying biofeedback and other healing modalities and has a Master’s Degree in plant and herbal medicine. Everything she learns she applies in her work.

Show Notes

1. Early life trauma & sense of abandonment
2. Importance of human contact and bonding
3. Heart space as an anchor
4. Toxic environments leading to dis-ease
5. The story that keeps us in boxes
6. The violent shove – turning on the power during life turmoils
7. Awareness of spiraling energy
8. Tapping into infinite intelligence
9. Lose the anchors that keep you from rising
10. Many healing modalities – find the right one for you
11. Creativity in a digital world – Team Gu
12. The gift of “Disrupt Now”
13. The Law of One theory

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Website: Natalie Viglione
Email: info@natalieviglione.com

Disrupt Now Podcast


Tap Into Your Magick – A preview of the course

Book Mentioned

Secret Life of Plants by Peter Thompkins and Christopher Bird

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