Ep. 74 – ‘Transmosis Healing’ With Tracey Whittet

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Tracey Whittet describes the journey that led her to create an integrated method to restore divine balance in the body called Transmosis Healing. In this conversation, she describes her journey through life as an explorer who always looked for answers – first in nature, then in books and teachers. What she learned through her life experiences led her to self-healing and to help others heal.

Tracey is an amazing spirit with many talents in the healing arts. Her skills resume is impressive, starting with a degree in Holistic Stress Management. She is also an intuitive facilitator. Her certifications and skills include Certified Spiritual Healer, Multidimensional Body Balancer, Reiki Master, Access Consciousness Bars® and Body Facilitator, Creative Wellness Instructor, a practitioner in Divine Healing Hands, Theta Healing, Yuen Method, and Healing Touch.

Tracey is intuitive, a teacher, healer, and facilitator. Reiki is the path that led her to become a healer. After years of practicing healing as a side passion, she retired from the corporate world to focus all her attention on healing. In the process, she received a divinely inspired message which led her to develop Transmosis Healing, a multi-dimensional way of balancing the body, mind, and spirit.

She is a co-author of The Magi Within: Unlocking the Gifts of the Inner Self.

Show Notes:

  1. Always on the path to improve
  2. We are good at creating our own misery
  3. Trauma and loss
  4. Making myself fit into a corporate mold
  5. Receiving a divinely inspired word and practice – Transmosis
  6. The way Transmosis healing works – steps to connect to self
  7. Exploring spiritual hygiene
  8. Role of the endocrine, chakra, and nervous systems
  9. Quantum effects of clearing past generations
  10. Contemplation – a potent practice
  11. Say Thank You!
  12. We are wired to be intuitive
  13. Importance of relationship

Find Out More About Tracey:

Website: Tracey Whittet

Facebook – Tracey Whittet

Facebook – Transmosis Healing





Free ebook offer – The Magi Within


The Magi Within – Unlocking the Gifts of the Inner Self – By Tracey Whittet, Vickie Brown, Sandra-Leigh Serio


Course In Miracles – by Foundation For Inner Peace

Creative Wellness – by Michelle Lusson

Love is Letting Go of Fear – by Gerald Jampolsky

Attitudinal Healing Center

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