Ep. 73 – “What I Know Now” Operating From The Heart – With Ulrika Sullivan

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Ulrika Sullivan shares “What I Know Now” operating from the heart and relates what changed her career path, turning from external influences to seeking her own inner wisdom. She shares some simple practices to start the listener on a path to living a heart-centered life with passion!

Ulrika Sullivan is an intuitive, spiritual life coach. She is a national bestselling author of Wisdom Beyond What You Know, a yoga teacher, healer, and podcast host. Ulrika went from an educational background in chemistry and science and a career in the pharmaceutical industry to a life of serving others as an intuitive and coach. Her journey is fascinating and enlightening. Ulrika wants to share what she has learned to help others, especially women, operate from the heart.

Show Notes:

  1. Shifting from Science to Spirituality
  2. Building expectations in early adulthood
  3. Riding along on autopilot
  4. Losing our self-identity
  5. Rock bottom and rising up
  6. Clear space, make space for yourself
  7. Tap into self-love and cultivate it
  8. Dialogue with your 11-year-old self to rediscover your passions
  9. Seven inner shifts
  10. Going from logic to wisdom
  11. Take note of what comes to you naturally or quickly.
  12. Power in intuitive journaling
  13. Awaken your life force

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Wisdom Beyond What You Know by Ulrika Sullivan

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