Ep. 72 – Strengthening Your Intuition: 2 Powerful Ways & More – With Isabeau Maxwell

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Intuition, spiritual mediums, and psychic experiences were the last things on Isabeau “Beau” Maxwell’s mind until a life-changing event triggered a profound personal experience. As an intuitive coach, facilitator, and energy worker, internationally known medium, and author, she is the developer of the award-winning SAGE Method and creator of the SAGE Circle Community. Her book, Cracking Open: Adventures of a Reluctant Medium, tells of how she went from being a skeptic with a strong science background to a full-fledged spiritual medium. In this interview, Beau relates her journey and the undeniable experiences she had that opened her up so that she could reunite with her natural-born intuition. Beau says, “It took an impactful shock to open me to the possibility.”  

Since developing the SAGE Method, Beau has served clients and friends worldwide who have opened up and found a way to trust their intuition. The SAGE Method offers many tools for becoming aware. Beau tells Carol about several easy-to-do exercises that she learned from her guide. They also discuss the need for intuition in this world of overwhelming input from all around us and how to align the energy body and ground oneself to tune out the noise and tune into self. Beau’s scientific side also shines as she talks about brain chemistry regarding belief and doubt and how our intuition is linked to our senses.

Show Notes:

  1. Skeptic to Sage journey
  2. A Grandmother’s visit
  3. Scientific method – Looking for validation
  4. Evidential or energetic medium
  5. Differences between higher self, guides, and intuition
  6. Tools to tap into intuition
  7. Importance of energetic alignment
  8. What blocks our intuition
  9. Self-care as a tool for increasing your ability to unite with your intuition
  10. The brain chemistry of belief and doubt
  11. How intuition is linked to our five senses
  12. Keep a No Doubt Notebook
  13. The Sage Method development and the Sage Circle Community

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Website: The Sage Method



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