Ep. 71 – Living In The Freedom Of The Present Moment- With Indra Rinzler

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Indra Rinzler is a lifetime spiritual seeker, healer, teacher, and mentor who lives in the freedom of the present moment. He offers life readings for clients using Vedic Astrology and the Enneagram of Personality. Indra’s been studying astrology for fifty years and the Enneagram since 1999. In this interview, Indra shares with Carol his life journey and why it is his mission to help his clients to wake up to who they really are.

Indra has worked with people of all ages from all over the world. The modalities he uses help us learn to observe our behavior. He says, “When we can be aware of the stories that we live from, we can live free in ‘presence’ and not stuck in our stories.”

Indra has a fascinating history that includes living in a Spiritual community for 20 years and experiencing deep lessons as a disciple of the well-known Indian master, Paramahansa Yogananda. He has traveled the world, and taught workshops and readings. Throughout his travels, he has met and sat with other awakened and holy teachers in India, enjoying living in the moment…being grateful for the simple things in life.

Show Notes:

  1. Early influences and exposures
  2. Ego, Mind & I
  3. You can’t take a vacation from yourself
  4. Released from my ideals
  5. Enneagram of Personality as a turning point
  6. Seeking out teachers
  7. Letting go of misidentification
  8. Arrogance and its purpose
  9. Taking every seat at the table for perspective
  10. Four Doorways of Conscious Living
  11. Planting seeds
  12. Celestial Enneagram
  13. Leaving breadcrumbs for the future

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