Ep. 65 – Expand Your Consciousness, Transform Your Life – With D. Neil Elliott

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In this episode, D. Neil Elliott shares his personal story of how he expanded his consciousness and transformed his life. At age 57, to any outsider, he was highly educated, had a successful consulting business, and had an amazing family. His life was going well, but things were not all they seemed. He found himself anxious and fearful and sinking into a world of depression and planning his suicide. Then, something changed. He remembered a manuscript that he received. He then put aside the suicide note, began reading, and embarked on a process over the next year to transform his life.

In this interview, Neil describes his upbringing, patterns of thinking, behavior, and beliefs, and how these influenced his view of the world. Next, he expands on concepts of personal consciousness and the mechanisms of how each of us is unknowingly impacting our individual and collective lives, creating our current turbulent reality. Finally, he discusses the 7-step process that became the blueprint that transformed his life. He’s now making it accessible for others to achieve the best possible outcomes for their life in his book, A Higher Road: Cleanse Your Consciousness to Transcend the Ego and Ascend Spiritually.  

Neil is an author, speaker, and Professional Engineer with an MBA and has worked in the Electric Utility industry for over 30 years.  He lives in a peaceful historic village on the West Coast of British Columbia with his wife and a house full of art, books, and plants. Neil refers to himself as a  science-based thinker that looks at things from an engineering perspective. This background facilitated the 7-step process he used to blend science and spirituality.  

Show Notes

1. Influences that shaped my beliefs

2. Educational path leading to positive thinking

3. Ego won & “Life became about work”

4. The albatross of depression

5. Right material – right time – the influence of books

6. Levels of consciousness

7. Belief – what it is/what influences it

8. Neuroplasticity

9. Book and Blueprint

10. Importance of meditation – Silence & Stillness

11. Dissolving negative habits slowly

12. Being in the space of unconditional love

13. Blending science and spirituality

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A Higher Road: Cleanse Your Consciousness to Transcend the Ego and Ascend Spirituallyby D. Neil Elliott

Available on Amazon, eBook, and other major retailers.


A Free Chapter of the book is available upon request – on his website DNeilElliott.

You can find references to the book topics he mentions (on Mind and Meaning, Mind and Biology, Neuroplasticity, and Near-Death Experiences) in his book, A Higher Road: Cleanse Your Consciousness to Transcend the Ego and Ascend Spiritually.

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Show Transcript


(Carol Chapman) Thank you for tuning your heart’s in for another episode of the Hearts rise up podcast. I’m carol chapman, your host along with my co-host Ann Serrie and Concetta Antonelli. We share our own personal experiences, tips and strategies along with powerful stories and compelling insights from guest interviews. We’re here to inspire and empower your conscious evolution. Help you tap into your inner wisdom and rise to your heart centered higher self. Together we can rise to a higher level of consciousness, an elevated state of being and experience more love, joy and freedom. Thank you. Mm hmm. Welcome back. Heart centered listeners. Thank you for joining us again for another fantastic episode of the Hearts Rise up podcast where you will always find inspiring heart centered wisdom for your conscious evolution.



(Carol Chapman) I have a very special guest today. D Neil Elliott to any outsider Neal was highly educated, owned a profitable consulting firm, a successful career and an amazing wife and family. But things were not all they seemed to be. and at age 57 Neil was depressed, anxious and fearful and ready to commit suicide in a phrase. He was in a very, very dark place quite by accident. He discovered a higher road as he traveled that road, he found the key to transforming his life. In fact, he wrote a book on it entitled a higher road, cleanse your consciousness to transcend the ego and ascend spiritually Neal lives in a peaceful historic village on the west coast of British Columbia with his wife and a house full of art, books and plants. He names all of his plants. His favorite is a tall and lean yucca called row helio.



(Carol Chapman) Did I get that? Right, okay, good. He has three Children and five grandchildren, all of whom of course are all brilliant. He loves all wildlife and domestic pets too. Furthermore. In his 20s, Neil raised a variety of parrots and Labrador dogs. He has a passion for motorcycling and loves to travel particularly in Europe to visit museums, churches and art galleries. He likes to visit cities and enjoy all that they have to offer, but prefers a peaceful country life close to water forests and plenty of wildlife Neil. Welcome to the show.


(D. Neil Elliott) Oh, thank you carol. It’s a pleasure to be here. I’m very much looking forward to our conversation today.


(Carol Chapman) Well, me too, you know, we have had a couple of conversations, but our first one was a pretty long conversation and that was a few weeks ago and when we came together, we had a very heartwarming conversation and then as you were sharing a little bit more about who you are in your story.



(Carol Chapman) You know, there was some very heart wrenching things when I started to think about it. It’s not really uncommon because a lot of us go through so many different things in our lives. But what is uncommon is how you approached your challenges in life that led you to a dramatic turnaround and I would love for you to share your personal journey and the crucial moments in your life, what was happening, how you turn things around. And also I want to talk a little bit about the work that you’re doing today. Your mission, the book process that you are putting out there to help others, that process that helped you and that you stumbled upon. I would love for you to share as much as you can about that as well. Go ahead dive right in


(D. Neil Elliott) Alright, probably the best place to start is when I was a child and kind of just give everybody a little bit of window into my childhood, youngest of six and my father passed away when I was five years old.



(D. Neil Elliott) It was in 1965. So I was born in 1960. So in 1965, my mother found herself without a job, six kids and essentially buried my father and then went to summer school, she had a university degree, so she went to summer school to begin a process again in her teacher’s certificate and got a job to start that September as a teacher. Consequently, you know, growing up it was, You know, I didn’t have a lot of parental influence and we’re left to our own devices and in the 60s, that’s way different than today. You know, I walked myself to school and those kinds of things, but you know, essentially as I was growing up as everybody does. You know, we come into this world as a little child and our brains don’t get to the point where they can make conscious decisions for themselves until they’re about five years old, so that’s the kind of normal development of a brain. And so when you’re a baby, and if you’ve been fortunate enough to be born into this world with a parents of means that can look after you and support you and feed you and you know, shower you with love your this little embodiment of joy and really what you are is you’re a sponge, you’re just soaking up everything that’s in your environment, your parents, emotions, your parents thinking and, you know, your siblings and anybody that you become exposed to, essentially what you’re doing is you’re shaping your beliefs and your shaping your future experiences and as we grow from, and then at age five, we start to make our own conscious choices that have already been influenced by what we’ve kind of absorbed up to that date, then your environment that you’re in, in your circumstance, you’re in.



(D. Neil Elliott) You take that information and start to respond in a way which affects your learning and affects how you view the world, and we reinforce those patterns of thinking and behavior as we grow from babyhood to adulthood. Now, I’m telling you all of this now that I’m at where I’m at, I certainly didn’t know this before and I’m still a work in progress, everybody needs to know that. So still a work in progress and anything I say today, that sounds brilliant or amazing if I say anything like that, I know that it doesn’t come from me, I am merely the messenger. Anyway, we grow from babyhood to adulthood and we’re reinforcing these patterns of thinking, we’re learning new things, we’re reinforcing additional patterns etcetera. And we bury those deeply in our subconscious mind and then we have these conscious thoughts and choices and we begin to view the world in a particular way we think we’re becoming versed in the ways of the world, but what we’re really doing is we’re shutting our soul off from its connection with the divine, we’re shutting our soul off from its source and from the light and I finished high school, you know, I’ve worked a few jobs driving a tractor trailer, you know, working in a restaurant, those kinds of things, but I went to university and I got an engineering degree and then I got into the working world as a professional engineer in my thirties, I decided that I needed, I wanted to adopt, you know, a more positive attitude from in terms of how I viewed other people’s opinions and beliefs and their expression of themselves, so to speak, their ideas and so I took up positive thinking, I picked up, you know, books that we’ve probably all read Tony Robbins, Napoleon Hill Dr Wayne Dyer, you know, etcetera and they all have good processes and good ideas and good information.



(D. Neil Elliott) And so I adopted some of those but it was always this conscious effort to try and change how I was thinking about somebody and I could do that. But in the end the subconscious mind wins, the ego wins. In 2002 I went into consulting and life became about work, you do good job, you deliver and you please your clients, you get repeat work and if you don’t kind of things dry up pretty quickly. So I worked hard and you know, I made a lot of money and I spent a lot of money and we made some financial decisions. We lived in this beautiful waterfront home which was very expensive, But over this period from 2000 to 2 2015, what was really happening was still in the mental processes and patterns of thinking that I had and I was just slowly going into this really deep and despondent depression And in 2015 I realized oh this is kind of like I’m really depressed, I’m thinking like what’s the point of life?



(D. Neil Elliott) I work hard, I’m not getting ahead, I earn lots of money, I’m not getting ahead. I just, I felt like this albatross or this chain around my neck that was just dragging me down and no matter what I was doing, I couldn’t, you know, get clear of that and I just kept getting more and more depressed. And so I started to pick up newly issued books, spiritual books, some science books, those kinds of things. All new great information by authors. We know again and all good processes and stuff. So I was trying to change how I thought about life. And I read a book from a woman that experienced in your death experience. And you know, it was a great book and she brought back messages that resonated with me. They were believable but not understandable if that’s the right way to say it. And you know, they were just hard to grasp even though I believe them. But what her book did for me was it gave me permission to commit suicide. one of the messages she brought back was we are two of them was we come from love, We return to love.



We’re not judged after death. And I had this nagging kind of Christian doubt, even though I grew up agnostic had this nagging Christian doubt that if I committed suicide there’s a chance I’d go to hell and I didn’t want to do that of course, but life was so it was so pointless to me. I was just willing to cash it in. So I was planning my suicide. Some material landed up in my lap. But a week prior to me sitting down at the kitchen table and crafting a suicide note and I thought I have permission now to commit suicide. So I planned out my suicide. Our house had finally sold after seven years on the market, my wife had left to visit family and friends in Toronto Ontario Canada and I sat down in this kitchen table and crafted a suicide note. And I was planning it out because, you know, we’re all good actors in our environment, we all put our best foot forward. We can hide all kinds of things. So no one knew I was depressed. No one knew I was feeling like I was feeling and I wanted to ensure that my wife was going to be financially okay when I pulled the trigger and I wanted to say goodbye to my family without them knowing what I was going to do.



(D. Neil Elliott) So I crafted this note. I had a plan, but this material, you know, it called to me, so to speak. You know, it promised to liberate me from my thinking if I was willing to be open to it, curious, nonjudgmental and read it. And so I did. I began this process and I thought, okay, well put the suicide away. That was going to be three months away. Anyway. I’ll put it away. You know, it’s delayed a little bit. That’s okay. I can always do that. But I can’t come back from doing it. So I thought, okay, I’ll embark on reading this material a year later. My depression was totally gone. I was full of inner peace. I was full of joy. I was just, you know, it’s just I totally had a new outlook on life and so I’ve carried on with this process and I wanted to share this with everybody. I could I wanted to stand on the rooftops and showed it to the world and I thought I’d be looked at like an idiot. Of course I didn’t do that, but I kept it all to myself.



(D. Neil Elliott) No one knew about it, No one knew about this transition. And I decided after a couple of years, the best way for me to do that is to write a book and my goal with my book, of course, is to help people the new knowledge I gained, the logical and rational information that bridges this gap between spirituality and science in a very specific process that’s tangible that, you know, I found I could do and it made sense to me, just made all the difference in the world with making this leap and with actually understanding who we really are at the core of our being and what we’re here to do and we’re meant to do, and at some point each of us will do it. The question is just when and how. So I want to share the process. I went through, I’ve done that in my book and my goal is to help people that, you know, if it rings true to you and you follow this process, you can totally transform how you think and as we individually change and we become this expression of unconditional love and we understand what we’re here to do and why we’re here and what this process looks like.



(D. Neil Elliott) We will eventually bring this whole world into a new era of love and peace. And so my part is to try and get this out to people so that they can read it and make a decision for themselves.


(Carol Chapman) Well, I have to admit, I’ve read the book and it’s very, very compelling. The steps that you go through. People go through a lot of different changes in their lives and we each have an opportunity to take the time to find what process, what approach, what’s going to work for us in terms of really understanding more about ourselves, where we come from, who we are. And I’ve studied a lot of different things myself, but I’ve found that what you have presented is something very, very compelling now. It may not work for everyone. I think part of it is our commitment to our own personal development, our own personal spiritual growth. I think that is probably the most important thing, but I would love for you to share your experience as you were going through the process of unfoldment.



(Carol Chapman) And the steps that you describe in the book that over the course of a year really helped you just turn things around because it’s really all about breaking through the barrier of the ego and moving beyond it, moving beyond mind and breaking away the illusion of everything else. Can you share a bit more about that?


(D. Neil Elliott)  Yes, absolutely. And you’re right, I believe, you know, everybody needs to find a path that makes sense and rings true with them and it’s going to work for them. And so the difference for me given, because I’m an engineer or well, this is my rationale anyway, because I’m an engineer and I have this, I like to be able to observe and measure and calculate. And I look at things that way from this rational logic, scientific perspective, I needed a process that bridged this gap from spirituality to science. That made sense to me.



(D. Neil Elliott) And then enabled me to then follow the process to begin this process of a spiritual awakening. And there were some preparatory books for me that now I’m going to say that the books that I’m going to talk about now or the process I’m going to talk about now was actually preordained almost two open me up so that I would accept this blueprint material that I will also share some information on.


(Carol Chapman) And I was hoping you would do that as well.


(D. Neil Elliott) Yes, absolutely. And this blueprint material that I talked about once someone’s read a higher road cover to cover and decided they want to embark on this process. You know, if it makes sense to them, then I provide all of this material that I used for free. I put it in a pdf format. I’ve reformatted it with more white space so that it’s easier to read than the material that I, you know, than the source material. So if I go back, you know, the first thing that I needed to do in this awakening for me was truly understand that consciousness is beyond our brain.



(D. Neil Elliott) So for me it was I used to think that everything I thought was in my brain, something I learned or was exposed to or educated in. And my concept of consciousness now is and I’m going to talk about two or three levels here. So the first shift for me was to understand that consciousness was not only in my brain but was throughout my entire body and all around us. And that happened through this process of some authors that I share in my book. And I recommend people read them if you know, they’re not familiar with this material. But the first one was a book on mind and memes and a key point out of this book and there’s many but a key point for me out of this book that started this transition for me was to fully and completely understand that everything that I thought was right or wrong, good or bad, true or false is really just a belief. And what that enabled me to do is say things that I thought as right or wrong, etcetera. There would be other ways to look at it.



(D. Neil Elliott) And maybe it’s not true, Maybe it’s just my belief that it’s true. And so with that realization also came this realization that what we choose to think about as good or bad, right or wrong, true or false, just a belief. And that we are totally influenced by what happened in our childhood through to present day and that we continually are influenced by all these externalities in our environment by all of the things that are prolific on the internet these days or in news or on radio or podcast or you know that we read in magazines and newspapers and we watching tv and films and the things that we reinforce and continually gravitate to are consistent with our beliefs. So my concept of consciousness now and it will go beyond this.



(D. Neil Elliott) But you know, I view it as something that’s in my brain but also outside of me and what I’m thinking about is really just a stream that passes by my awareness and I’ll choose a thought out of that stream. We do this in a nanosecond, I’ll choose a thought, I’ll look at it if I like it, I keep it, I dwell on it and it might be a thought that’s a happy or loving thought or it could be a thought of hate or anger, any negative emotion that you can think about, but if it’s consistent with our thinking, we take it and we dwell on it. And if we don’t like the thought, we don’t agree with it, we just throw it back in the street what we watch and what we expose ourselves to every moment of every day, pollutes that stream and we just continually to reinforce the thoughts and things that we think about. So this is kind of a new, expanded concept of consciousness. For me, the next thing I read was a book on a mind and biology and it was really a book that, you know, in short strokes is what we think about, and this is now all known in science and documented, etcetera.



(D. Neil Elliott) So it fits with my engineering is what we think about affects the expression of a cell. The expression of a cell is the work that it does. So we can either promote the health and well-being of ourselves or we can be detrimental to them. And so that was a new concept for me that I had not thought about before. I always thought illnesses were just these random things that we got or how we’re feeling, but you know, we’re actually promoting the well-being of our selves by how we think or we are being detrimental to it. Then the next kind of book in this progression for me was a book on neuroplasticity. And before the 1960s, science always thought the brain grew to a certain size And then it atrophied as you got older and in the 1960s, they discovered that, you know, you can change the neural pathways and how you think in the brain, you reinforce ones that happen quickly or you can change them, but it takes effort and a process to do that and you can grow new brain cells.



(D. Neil Elliott) So the brain doesn’t necessarily atrophy. It can, but it doesn’t have to. So these are great books are easy reads and the one on neuroplasticity or there’s two, I put in a higher road to consider one’s very technical. The other easy read one, you know, uses examples of people that perhaps had a brain injury and then how they changed how they thought to change their neural pathways, grow new brain cells and alleviate all, or some of the effects of the brain injury. And so what this did is it just opened this entire thing up for me. You know, everything I think about is really just a belief, our beliefs, and our thinking then affect our biology and affects how we think and affects the structure of our brain. Then I read this in your death experience about a woman who had a near death experience. She was suffering from an aggressive cancer and over a four year period, her body became riddled from her waist to her head of full of hummus. At the end of that four year period, she had open weeping lesions in her skin and she fell into a coma.



(D. Neil Elliott) She dropped from a normal body weight to 75 pounds, couldn’t lift her head, and was an oxygen 24 hours a day, fell into a coma. They rushed her to the hospital, The admitting physicians told her husband and family she wouldn’t make it through the night. And she woke up 24 hours later and declared she would be okay. And within two weeks they couldn’t find a trace of cancer in her body. Again, all medically documented. And her book really describes what her experience was like when she had this near death experience. And when she was in this coma, she brought back specific messages. We come from love. We returned to love. We’re not judged after death. She felt she was becoming a part of everything in the universe and that everything possessed consciousness. And she has a really colorful and good descriptions that just stretched my concept of consciousness. And then I had this blueprint material and this blueprint material, did this in depth bridge between spirituality and science.



(D. Neil Elliott) It uses such logic and rational ideas and concepts that we all know about today and science. But you know, we didn’t know 100 years ago and then does this bridge. And I outlined all of this in a higher road. So what happened then was I began this process. You’ll learn how to meditate in this process comes later in the material for a very specific reason and that you need to understand some of these concepts and gained this new knowledge before you learn how to do the meditation, that’s going to do the job for you, so to speak. And as it began this process, What happened at about the seven month level and you’re right, you need to be dedicated and committed to this process. But at seven months what happened is I felt this little tingly at the top of my head and I didn’t know what it was, it was about the size of a dime and it kind of felt odd. But you know, I just kept following the process and then that little area just grew bigger and bigger and I finally realized that what I was doing was I was impressing new knowledge in new brain cells, the top most parts of the brain underneath the skull today that opening, you could put a ball over my head and it goes down almost to the bottom of my ears.



(D. Neil Elliott) So what happened was that works at a higher level of consciousness a higher frequency. And as I went through this process, I came to understand that what was happening to me was as I was meditating, I was going through these shifts of higher frequency of consciousness until I got to a point where well and I keep going through these shifts. But I got to a point where the spiritual energy would flow in through this opening at the top of my head and it would fill my head and then over time it would go into various parts of my body and I go into my chest or my solar plexus or down one leg and up the other, or in my entire body all at once, About 13 months after I began this process, I went into two meditations a couple of days apart. And what it did was it confirmed everything that I was beginning to understand that this process was giving me truth and it is the truth.



(D. Neil Elliott) But these two meditations just made that faith unshakable and I went into this meditative state where I shift in this high frequency of vibration and my entire body was just full of unconditional love. I didn’t care how I felt, I didn’t care, I didn’t care what state my body was in what kind of pain it was in, what kind of illness it was in. I just felt fully supported, not judged full of unconditional levels. Just it was filling me and it was so incredible and so impossible to describe in human terms. We just don’t have the language I had two of these meditations like this a couple of days apart and what that did for me is it just totally confirmed for me that everything I now knew at that point was true. And then, as I’ve carried on with this process from, You know, that would have been December of 2018, that would have been 13 month mark as I carry on from that period to today.



(D. Neil Elliott) Things that I read and understood in this material a year ago, two years ago, three years ago has just deepened and my understanding and my knowledge or complete, I’ll use the word understanding again because I can’t think of anything else. But my complete understanding of it has just evolved over time and I just I understand what I’m reading now in an entirely new and different way. This is like an evolving process. It is just my faith is unshakable and this process is just for lack of a better word. Just, it’s magical, it’s amazing, It is magnificent. And I just want to share it with everybody if I could like everybody to read my book and make a decision for themselves because this is the, you know, it’s going to ring true for some people and this can be the difference of carrying on the way they live or transforming their lives.



(Carol Chapman) Absolutely. Can you describe in a little bit more detail than meditation technique that’s used in the process?


(D. Neil Elliott) Yes. Okay, so I picked up some meditation techniques in the 90s and I practiced them over a period of time and I tried it and you know, and I was inconsistent with it. But this meditation technique that you will learn the difference for me about this material, is it taught me or explain to me the purpose of meditation and I know there’s lots of good reasons for you know, that people will talk about lower blood pressure and less stress, all of those good things. But the real purpose of meditation is too go into the silence and the stillness and make connection with the Divine. And when you go through this process you will learn to completely stop all your thoughts and you go into this state of silence and stillness and so you know what I do is you need to get in a position where you totally relax your body, I use a recliner, relax your head, your neck, everything because what you don’t want to be using any muscles or anything that distracts you from the state of silence and stillness.



(D. Neil Elliott) So I’m going to this really relaxed position and then I begin this process. This meditative process, you have to gain some knowledge about your target and this is all described in the material before you. You know, this process will really work well for you, but you know, it will work and you learn how to you know, kind of get rid of all your thoughts out of your mind and when you do this, you enter this state of complete silence and stillness and that is what enables you to connect with the Divine. Now, today, I still meditate every day. You can start with 10 minutes and move on to whatever you want, but for me, I meditate 90 minutes to two hours every morning without fail. But my connection with the divine is constant and mutually reciprocal. And I can go into that status if you take 34 or five minutes and just sit silently and still, I can go into that state and I can make this connection with the Divine and it’s a strong connection, feel it not only in my head, but you know, in various parts of my body when you know, when you gain the new knowledge and then you begin this process, you just you know that what you know is true and then you just get to the point where you just somehow want to share it with people,


(Carol Chapman) Why don’t we cover the seven steps of the process?



(D. Neil Elliott) So the first one is really to stretch your consciousness and you know, so I recommend these science books. If you’re already familiar with them, then you can start with step one and really the first one is what really expanded my belief of consciousness once had fully prepped and was ready for this material, was this reading of this near death experience. And so I recommend everybody read this book.


(D. Neil Elliott) The second step is really what I do is I share this blueprint material, so I call it truth unveiled because what this material is going to teach you is it’s going to teach you things like what was before the Big Bang, the impetus for the Big Bang. What happened at the time of the Big Bang and then why and how creation occurred and then evolved over the millions and billions of years and it’s going to give you the mechanisms that we know in science today, that we use moment by moment to create every experience in every event that comes into our life.



(D. Neil Elliott) And when you understand these mechanisms and you understand the processes of these mechanisms, I believe you then can make a conscious choice around living like you currently do and carrying on or you can make a conscious choice to start this transformation to align your thinking and totally change. You’re not only conscious thinking, but your subconscious thinking. And so that’s the material. The rest are steps.


(D. Neil Elliott) So step three is really a reflection and it is for you too, as you begin this process for you to sit down. Be totally truthful with yourself and honest and write down how you really feel about life. Are you happy with it or would you rather call it quits? And this is a letter or document that’s only for you. It’s for no one else. It’s not to please a God. It’s not to show your wife or your family or your husband or your friends. It is only for you and you’re going to seal that away and you open it in your letter so that you can compare how you felt at the time about life and then what your new concept and your new understanding as a year later.



(D. Neil Elliott) The fourth step is really how to cleanse your consciousness. So the things that we think about in our conscious mind, we need to cleanse and we make choices about where those thoughts are and then we also need to and this is the more difficult part is you need a process to be able to break up and dissolve the patterns of behavior that you’ve already embedded and programmed in your subconscious mind. So those patterns and those behaviors are like concrete. They’re very hard to break up and they’re very hard to dissolve. And so it takes time, energy and effort to do that. And it happens slowly and it happens slowly because if you were to immediately change, you know, it may have negative consequences for this lifetime for you, you may go into a suicidal position. So this happens slowly.


(D. Neil Elliott) Step five is really rebuilding your consciousness into golden qualities of, you know, aspirations of divine consciousness. So you’re going to, as you learn this material, you will come up with what you think and it may be totally accurate or it may not be yet you think of what the golden qualities of divine consciousness are.



They’re described and they’re expressed about whether you actually grasp their real meaning to begin with. You know, that’s entirely up to the person and where that person is at. So you’ll start to rebuild with qualities that are consistent with the divine and then


(D. Neil Elliott) The six step is, you know, learning this meditation, learning one prayer and one prayer only that you’re going to recite at the beginning of this meditation and you need to have this knowledge to be able to understand your target in this prayer and when you understand your target, then this prayer is quite simple and it’s straightforward and it’s the only thing you’re going to need to do that’s kind of from wrote, so to speak and then


(D. Neil Elliott) Step seven is really rinse and repeat. You know, you’re just, you’re going to go back and you’re going to loop through these steps from cleansing and rebuilding and doing your meditation.


(Carol Chapman) Let me ask you this after you’ve gone through this entire process and I want to thank you for sharing those steps because I think they’re very critical and I would imagine each and every one is important, but you know, as I was thinking about steps four and five, the cleansing of the ego and all your beliefs and all that.



(Carol Chapman) Just kind of cleansing everything out and then step five being the rebuilding, I would think they seem to me to be the most crucial elements of the process, although all of the pieces are important in the process. I’m just wondering at this point, have you achieved a constant communication with the divine at all times.


(D. Neil Elliott) I would say yes to that and know that that may shift and evolve for me and get even deeper and stronger than it currently is or not, I don’t know. So I don’t worry about what’s going to happen in the future. I just continue to follow the process. So right now, for instance, even as we’re having this conversation, I’m getting direction and inspiration in terms of what to talk about or what to say. You know, this is really a process. It’s much more about feeling, but you will also, you know, you may be inspired or you may have direct instructions, they might be subtle or they might be quite stronger.



(D. Neil Elliott) It really depends on kind of where you’re at. Let’s talk a little bit about the reason why we’re here. So we have to take the frame of reference off of one life and your soul. There’s going to be a bunch of stuff here so that I’m not going to talk about necessarily, but your soul is a fragment of divine consciousness. So divine consciousness comes from universal consciousness. You’ll understand all of this when you read the material and divine consciousness, let me back up universal consciousnesses in silence and stillness. It is opposing impulses at the time of the Big Bang, these impulses, which you’ll learn what these all are. But these are were torn apart to form divine consciousness so that universal consciousness could experience itself and universal consciousness is unconditional love. Divine consciousness is unconditional love, but it also works in this material form through electromagnetism to create everything that we see in the universe.



(D. Neil Elliott) So we know from science today that at a subatomic level everything is just energy, There’s nothing that’s solid in the universe, everything is just energy. So science believes there was a big bang out of that big bang came electromagnetism and came the birth of the Galaxies and stars and universe. And they believe that these electrical particles randomly got together to form elements, these elements randomly got together to form a living molecule. These living molecules randomly got together to form the first living cell and then over billions of years we have the life forms that we see today. And what this material will do is it will describe exactly this process and how all of this works and how all of this evolves. And it does it in not engineering mathematical, let me do a calculation type way, but it gives you concepts of all of this information. This is so logical and rational that you will be able to understand how and why the universe comes into being.



(D. Neil Elliott) So the reason your soul comes here as a fragment of divine consciousness. It is injected into the conception process at the time of sperm and ova known, fertilizing the egg and your soul is perfect. Your soul is unconditional love as we grow older and we adopt these patterns of belief. What we’re doing is we’re through this process of electromagnetism. These consciousness forms that we create, binds down our soul and cuts it off from the light and our ego takes control of everything we think about and our responses to life. Our soul’s purpose over many, many lifetimes is to evolve and to experience and to make its way back to the divine while it is still in materialist form. So you and I and everyone will be reincarnated in varying genders, varying colors of skin, varying places of origin, varying cultures, different religions, you’ll be poor in some lifetimes, wealthy and others.



(D. Neil Elliott) You’ll be living on the street in some lifetimes, living in mansions and others and all of these experience from the soul’s perspective is to learn the lessons that it needs to learn. And when you look at this, it’s only through lessons of suffering does the journey and soul gain self-knowledge to retain individuality. After discarding the ego and you know, your purpose over lifetimes and lifetimes is to get to the point where your soul wakes up, understands what it’s doing to itself through these processes of its thinking and its feelings and its responses to life and then use the mechanisms of creation, electromagnetism, we think with electrical impulses in our brain, we feel with magnetic impulses in our nervous system and our thoughts, our consciousness plans whether it’s something that we like or don’t like and our electromagnetism feelings, whether it is a feeling of love or a feeling of hate, bonds these consciousness plan into a blueprint and then we reinforced that blueprint over time through repeated thinking and feeling and at some point that will materialize itself and manifested form as an event or an experience or an illness in our life and when we actually learn these mechanisms and why and how all of this works, we have the choice to actually carry on as we currently are or to start to make these shifts and go through this process of cleansing these ego impulses of selfishness and detrimental thinking to enable us to have of thinking which is consistent with the divine and begin this process of a spiritual awakening Neal.



(Carol Chapman) I have another question that I think would help to round out what you have just described in this process and your own experience and as you were really kind of sharing, you know, bridging the gap between science and spirituality. I would love for you to share how you manifested the Lexus convertible because we didn’t talk about that, that’s part of your story is I think one of the things that was a major trigger for you, I mean there were triggers all along the way that got you to where you are, but it really helps to demonstrate how the universe actually works.


(D. Neil Elliott) Yeah, and for me it was a great example to share with people because it just made so much sense afterwards after I knew what I knew what I know today. So in 2011 I think it was, I had this dream car at the time, it was a hard top Lexus convertible, gray and I thought oh at some point I’ll save up my money and you know, I might buy that car, but every day what I did was I thought about that car and I imagine myself driving this twisty road that was up to our waterfront home in this car, top down wind in my hair.



(D. Neil Elliott) And I felt that whole joy of that experience with no compunction about running out and buying the car. But you know, I did that every day and I described this in my book, what I did a year after I began that process and this consistent thinking and feeling that car, I bought $100 lottery ticket which I do every year to support our pacific national exhibition in Vancouver. And the main draw is always a house which you know, I always had my eye on winning the house and they have they typically back then had 12 cars they were giving away in addition, never paid any attention to the cars because I always had a car and always got a car I liked. And so a year after I began that process of dreaming about this Lexus, I bought a ticket in the spring and then this draw happened in September kind of even forgot about the draw, thinking I’ll get a phone call for the house and one day the phone rang and I had one, this Lexus convertible and I didn’t even know what it was.



(D. Neil Elliott) I didn’t even know the model number. I said oh well what kind of Lexus is that? And they said oh it’s a hard top convertible and I you know kind of oh what kind of hard top convertible. And they told me the name and stuff. Anyway, it ended up being this gray Lexus convertible that I had been imagining had a picture on my wall every day and I thought well this is great. I’m just I’m just lucky. This is amazing you know that I won this For us. It was a $60,000 car in Canada. And then I learned the processes, you know, later on now I’ve learned these processes and I understand now what I was doing was I was creating this consciousness blueprint of this Lexus convertible. Like I was imagining this gray Lexus convertible, this hard top had a picture of it on my wall and just reinforcing it with with these emotions and thinking that I did every day that just ended up kind of magnetized into itself. This manifestation of this Lexus. I described this in the book early on and then these mechanics of how this actually works and this is what we do with every thought we have if we have a denigrating destructive slanderous, judgmental, critical thought of other people and we’re magnetize ng those thoughts with feelings of anger or hate or dislike whatever those are, those will attract to us like experiences and you will have no recollection in our human consciousness, you have no recollection of what you’re thinking or doing with this event.



(D. Neil Elliott) Actually finally magnetize is into your life in the future. You forgot all about what you were thinking about or what you’ve reinforced because we create thousands of these consciousness blueprints every day and when they’re all a narcissistic and selfish, greedy and there’s a list, a specific list that gets listed out that you go through this process when they are those kinds of things which are inconsistent with unconditional love, you will magnetize those into your life. So conversely when you get all of your thinking cleansed and you are having loving kind positive thoughts that you are just reinforcing all the time. You start to draw those experiences into your life and those events into your life and your life just totally transforms and your outlook are externalities, what we think and what we see every moment, every, every day is really just a reflection of our beliefs. And so when you go through this process, you will see things that you thought about in the past and you’ll have an entirely new view of that event and that experience and your life just totally transforms it is truly a magical experience.



(D. Neil Elliott) And then when you get this connection with the divine and you feel this and you get these instructions or you get this inspiration about what you should be doing for that day or what you should be working on, you essentially surrender your will to the will of the divine. And when you do that your life changes amazing.


(Carol Chapman) It’s really all about how we create our own reality. And so really what you’ve just shared here is how the universe is created. As we wrap up. I have one more question really, what piece of advice do you have for others to take that leap, take that leap of faith and transform themselves.


(D. Neil Elliott) That’s a great question. I think the best piece of advice that I could give to people and this is an example that I use in my book as well is that you know this process you will at some point in this lifetime or a future lifetime begin this process whether it’s this exact process or some other process to do this work. So for me my wife said to me I was debating on whether to do an MBA.



(D. Neil Elliott) And she said well and I was debating I don’t know whether I want to do this. You know it’s part time. I got to work and she said to me well how long does it take? And I said two years and she said well so two years from now you can look back and say that you’ve done it or you can look back and say that you wish you did that time is going to pass anyway. So what do you want to do? I give the same thought to other people. If this process takes a year or two years for you or six months for you. If you start it now, let’s say it’s a two year process for you. So consistent with my M B. A. In two years, you can look back and you can say I did it or you didn’t do it and if you do it, I firmly believe that your life will entirely change and how you feel internally and how you express yourself to the world will be entirely different and you will be a happy, more joyous, loving kind person.


(Carol Chapman) Thank you for that. And I think that all comes from your own the voice of experience. I mean that’s your personal experience and you know it works and I just want to thank you so much for being with us today.



(Carol Chapman) And where can people find out more about you?


(D. Neil Elliott) My website is D Neil Elliott dot com. That’s D N E I L E L L I O T T dot com. The book is a higher road, cleanse your consciousness to transcend the ego and ascend spiritually. A seven step process to inner peace. Joy, love, abundance and prosperity. It’s by D Neil Elliott. And the D is just the initial for my first name to differentiate me as an author and on the internet and my book is available through amazon or bookstores in electronic version or in print and it’s available globally. All of my social media links are on my website.


(Carol Chapman) Great. And we’ll be sure to include all of that in our show notes. And I just want to thank you so much for sharing your wisdom here. Very inspirational. And I think that any of you listeners out there, if you really want to elevate your conscious evolution, it’s time to take the step right now.



(Carol Chapman) Reach out to Neal and buy a copy of his book and Neil. I just want to thank you again for being with us.


(D. Neil Elliott) Thank you carol and I very much appreciate being here and being able to share some of this knowledge that I’ve gained with your listeners. Thank you


(Carol Chapman) And to all of you listeners, Thank you for joining us again. And until next time. Keep rising up. Bye For now. We hope today’s show helped to bring a bit more joy and happiness into your heart. We hope it inspired you to unleash your inner power and rise up to your best and loving heart centered highest self. We’d be grateful if you’d leave us a review on itunes. Those reviews are important to spreading this valuable message. We’d love for you to subscribe to our podcast and share the show with others, visit Hearts rise up dot com for heart centered courses, guided meditations and are popular notes from your higher self until next time, keep rising up and may all that you love thrive.





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