Ep. 61 – Navigating Change Through Heart-Centered Insights and Action – With Mindy Kantor

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In this interview, Mindy shares her change journey on turning insights into action with a heart-centered approach. She shares her personal experience and thoughts on assessment tools for self-reflection, how to successfully navigate change, staying heart-centered in the process of change, and how to deal with our inner critic. She also shares her perspective on appreciation, gratitude, and other qualities and how they play into effective communication and connection with others. Have a listen to discover how you can navigate your world in a heart-centered way.

Mindy Kantor is a dynamic coach, consultant, and writer whose mission is to empower you to activate your best self. She works with people who want to transform themselves, teams, or organizations. Combining her twenty-five years of experience in communication, change management, and marketing expertise with a natural curiosity about the wiring of people’s minds and human behavior, she provides a fresh perspective and integrated way to turn insight into action. 

Mindy holds a Bachelor of Science in business with a marketing focus and a Master’s degree in public and corporate communication. In addition, she has several certifications in project management, change management, and psychological assessments including Enneagram, Myers Briggs Type Indicator, and Firo-B and Firo Business. Mindy’s toolbox of game-changing assessments assisted her in finding the path that allows her to use her passion to help others. 

Show Notes:

  1. On a learning journey
  2. Recognizing the pattern of my three-act play at work
  3. Turning inward for answers instead of to others
  4. Finding my game-changing tools
  5. The growing pains of committing to self
  6. Breaking from the corporate world and designing my business 
  7. Pandemic effects on introverts, sensitives, and extroverts
  8. My change formula
  9. Heart-centered approach to others through communication
  10. Journaling as an inner tool
  11. Take the high road
  12. “Name that gremlin”
  13. Recognize and control what you are taking in
  14. Find what brings you joy

Social Media and Resources: 

Website https://mindykantor.com/

Free Offer: Favorite change/transformation and communication tools to activate your best: https://mindykantor.com/library/




Books and People Mentioned:

Beckhard and Harris Change Model

Sparked by Jonathan Fields 

Sparketype Free Assessment 

*Mindy will soon be a Sparketype Advisor/Trainer

Hearts Rise Up is a Feedspot “Best Wisdom Podcast…2021.”

Audio editing by: Ann Serrie

Technical Director: Christopher Drummond

Music by: Jonn Serrie

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