Ep. 47 – From ‘Living’ To ‘Dying’ To ‘Awakening’

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An interview with Dawn James – sound healer, spiritual mentor, author, speaker, and conscious living teacher. Based on her own experiences, Dawn wants to share with others how to tap into the power within.

After going from ‘living’ to ‘dying’ to ‘awakening,’ which ushered in an entirely new way of perceiving life, Dawn James became a Conscious Living Teacher in 2003. She realized that we are more than physical beings. We are spiritual beings designed to be happy and healthy, co-existing in harmony with all living things. Dawn is also an author, sound healer, spiritual mentor, and retreat guide.  

Dawn discusses with Carol her spiritual awakening (known as Samadhi) and a series of spiritual events in 2003. After which, Dawn was inspired to start writing from a message she received from the late Sylvia Browne. Dawn has written eight books to date. Since her ‘wake-up’ call, she has dedicated her life to teaching others how to raise their consciousness and understand and enhance personal vibrational frequency for overall health and well-being.

In this interview, she shares her experiences with resilience, vibrational frequencies, and her knowledge and passion for uplifting others through her virtual Soundscape Meditation events, Online Spiritual Mentoring, and leading Soulful Healing retreats in Costa Rica.

Show Notes:

  1. Getting through early adversities
  2. “Just breathe, Dawn.”
  3. Waking up spiritually and experiencing spiritual essence
  4. Paying attention to the inner and the outer aspects of life
  5. Listening for messages
  6. Repair and redirect our behaviors and activities
  7. Finding our motivation, our “carrot within.”
  8. Non-physical level awareness of the world around us
  9. Looking through new eyes
  10. Steps to open us spiritually

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Free webinar called How to Write Your Life Story. It’s offered 2x a month. https://publishpromote.eventbrite.ca/

Dawn says, “Spirit is guiding me to teach others to heal through writing, so I am creating a self-discovery journaling program called Discover your Spiritual Self for Fall 2021.” Check it out at https://dawnjames.ca/discover-your-spiritual-self/.

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