An Interview with Dr. Tonya Crombie – certified life coach, speaker, and best-selling author who specializes in working with parents and teens dealing with stress and anxiety.

In this interview, Carol discusses Tonya’s experiences and awakenings in dealing with anxiety, self-compassion, and meditation. Tonya shares how she was faced with her own worries as she tried to help her children with theirs. In this episode, you’ll find out Tonya’s views and cautions on the impact that social media and our digital devices have on all our lives. 

Show Notes

  1. Fiesty Type A’s can meditate too
  2. Recognizing anxiety in adversarial relationships
  3. Big shifts in mindset
  4. Self-care helps others 
  5. Knowledge does not equal application
  6. Our #1 go-to is always our breath
  7. Downtime from devices is critical to a healthy psyche
  8. Problem of comparing ourselves with others

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Stop Worrying About Your Anxious Child 

About Tonya

Dr. Tonya Crombie is the best-selling author of Stop Worrying About Your Anxious Child and a certified life coach who likes nothing more than teaching adults how to help children overcome struggles with stress and anxiety. Tonya has a Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and an MBA. However, in addition to being someone with letters behind her name, Tonya is the mom of two teenagers who have had struggles with stress, overwhelms, and anxiety. All of her work as a coach, speaker, writer, and facilitator is informed by her experience as a parent of anxious children and is driven by her desire to help young people thrive in the high-pressure, stressful world in which we live. Her work has been featured in The Invisible IllnessP.S. I Love YouBe Unique, and Candour. 

Tonya lives just outside of New Orleans with her amazing husband, two awesome teenagers, two incredibly barky dogs, and one very feisty kitten.


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