Winter Solstice – 2020 Grand Conjunction

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In an average year, many of us are aware of the Winter Solstice but this year is special with a Grand Conjunction. Winter Solstice is noted on calendars and mentioned on the news. Many celebrate it for the spiritual significance carried forth over centuries. Most of us are aware of it as the shortest day of the year, at least in the Northern Hemisphere.

This year, the Winter Solstice has received extra attention due to the planetary Grand Conjunction happening on the same day – December 21st. I’ve been thinking about the significance of these two events in several ways.

Winter Solstice Astronomically

Winter Solstice happens when the North Pole has tilted the furthest away from the Sun. It results in the shortest amount of daylight and the longest night. Early astronomers were observers of nature and studied the path of the Sun. We see the evidence of their studies in places like Stonehenge in England, Chichén Itzá in Mexico, Chaco Canyon in the United States, New Grange in Ireland, and many more. For a list of archeoastronomy sites around the world, click here. Today, astronomers have the advantage of studying the relationship of the Sun and planets from Space.

On Earth, we experience Winter Solstice as the start to a season, the hibernation of plants and wildlife, a time to rest and ready ourselves for the Spring, and this year, a hopefully brighter, healthier 2021.

This Winter Solstice brought us another astronomical event that has not happened in centuries – the Grand Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. It’s an exciting time for astronomers and a beautiful spectacle we can all see. These two planetary neighbors moved into alignment over the past weeks, appearing almost like one on the Winter Solstice. They look like one bright star. Check out the sky through the end of the month. They won’t align to this degree again until 2080.

Winter Solstice Astrologically

Astrologically, the Winter Solstice signals not just a thinning of the veil between worlds but a time of significant change and renewal. Many astrologers say we are on the verge of the Age of Aquarius. (I hear the song in my head as I write this….” Harmony and understanding, Sympathy and trust abounding”…we could use those characteristics right now.)

Saturn and Jupiter are meeting in the Constellation of Aquarius on December 21st. Most of the Grand Conjunctions of the last 100+ years have been in Earth signs. Now they are forecast to align in Air signs. What does this mean? Are we heading into a time of increased technology, invention, and adaptation? Perhaps this will be a technological renaissance? If so, I hope we do it with heart and humanity.

The planets in our solar system have energetic impacts on our planet. In astrology, Saturn represents change. We have been witnesses to global upheaval and change this year – politically, socially, financially, spiritually, technologically, and, oh yeah, from a microscopic virus. Jupiter represents growth and expansion. Perhaps some good will come out of 2020.

My Take On Winter Solstice Grand Conjunction

Given this year’s Grand Conjunction, my hope for the future is that we are energetically changing for the good. We may be in for some difficult days/years ahead, but we have light and energy within us. Winter is the time to go inside and build our energy reserves, contemplate, meditate, study, and make connections with others.

Why? The days will get brighter. The Sun will bring about regeneration.

What can we do? We can consider how blessed we are to be on this beautiful planet.

We can:

– tread lightly on the Earth

– be better stewards to all life on the planet

– be compassionate to our fellow humans

Keep Looking Up

Take the time to step out in the evening or early morning and view the starry sky, especially between the 21st and 30th of December. or NASA offer tips on where and when to look to see Jupiter and Saturn, and even how to photograph the event.

I hope you will take some time to consider the year we have been through and what you wish for in the new year. I plan to absorb the lessons of 2020 and let the details go. 2021 will be about doing and being the best I can – with hope and heart!

If you’re looking for a place to find hope and heart, as well as practical advice on living a life in resonance with this beautiful planet we live on, check out Hearts Rise Up. There, you can learn about the Hearts Resonance Primer – a course of practical and compelling information for a healthy mind, body, and spirit. You can also join the Hearts Rise Up Community and interact with heart-centered, like-minded seekers of elevated consciousness.

If we are looking to an age of technology and innovation, let’s make sure that we are using it for good and make a positive difference – one person at a time, with heart!


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