—We have come out of one of the strangest winters of our lives – having weathered the ups and downs of quarantine and COVID. Our lives are different. The stress of this time we are in plays havoc on mind, body, and soul. Amid the stress of loss (jobs, health, security, a loved one), the stress of uncertainty, and the stress of the tension we hear daily on the news, it’s essential to take a moment now and breathe!

In searching for pockets of peace and normalcy, I’ve discovered that the remedy is often right in front of us, under our feet, just outside our window, or up in the sky. The constant in all the havoc of this past year has been Nature. Contemplating how Nature can soothe our souls, I’ve realized a few things I’d like to share with you.

        “The beautiful spring came, and when Nature resumes her loveliness, the human soul is apt to revive also.” —Harriet Ann Jacobs

Blue and Green – A Pallet of Peace and Balance To Nurture Your Soul

What’s your favorite color?  Mine is blue. Blue represents the sky and water to me (even though that is an illusion caused by the atmosphere). I love blue because it makes me think of the soothing effects of the ocean. Water represents many things, like the subconscious, tranquility, peace, flow, power, expansiveness, and life. 

Green is in my top three colors too. I gravitate to deep forest green. My first home as an adult was a tiny apartment in Massachusetts. I missed the trees around the home where I grew up, so we painted the living room a deep, rich green, and the furniture was brown. It was my forest. Looking back, I realize the colors were way too dark for a small room, but it was a way to bring the trees inside.

Green represents nurturing and balance. It’s new green shoots coming up in your garden. It’s the tendril of vinca or the two-tone leaf of clover. It’s a color that is refreshing, reviving, and rejuvenating! Green is often associated with healing and new life. You can see why by just looking outside in the Spring. Have you ever thought about how many shades of green are in Mother Nature’s pallet? Count the many variations of green on your next walk and get lost in the wonder of it. 

Blue and green are in the middle of the spectrum of light from the sun. They also follow each other in the upper realms of energy centers or chakras—Blue for Throat and Green for Heart. If light is energy, then the frequencies breaking into different colors on the light spectrum represent different energy levels. Our bodies resonate with different colors just as they do with sound frequencies.  

Recently we’ve learned that blue light (as in our digital displays, alarm clocks, coffee makers, etc.) is not the best to be around too much – especially just before or while sleeping. I believe it is because it is a stimulating frequency and not helpful for rest. So leave your digital devices out of the bedroom if possible. However, when we are wide awake and getting our Vitamin D in the sunshine, our eyes are drawn to the blue sky. Consider how you feel after a few days of rain when you wake up to a clear blue sky! I feel like I can breathe more fully and want to soak in the huge expanse of blue. 

A Powerful Partnership – Blue and Green of Nature

I recently attended a webinar for stress relief in the time of Covid. I could not get out of my mind the idea that what we surround ourselves with – even by color alone – can influence us both consciously and subconsciously. I’d heard of color therapy before and remember the days of choosing clothing colors for establishing an aura. Like wearing black for power, rose or pink for femininity, red to appear dynamic, etc. But I had not thought about how important color was in our natural environment.  

When I think of Nature, blue and green are the first colors to come to mind. Some studies show that spending time in Nature is a good way to reduce stress and inflammation and enhance overall well-being. Whether it is the actual colors, the frequencies, or the whole sensory experience, I’m in. Gone are the days of being worried about bugs, pollen, poison ivy, etc. My thinking has changed as I’ve gotten older, and the benefits of Nature trump all the other things that used to keep me from being outside. Or maybe it’s that Covid has taught me to appreciate the simple things of life and what Nature offers.

I’ve already spent weeks watching trees as they come alive with buds and leaves. Each day they change! I’ve walked the path in my neighborhood with intention – noting every new blossom and soaking in the combination of greens and blues.

Here are three easy activities that have made a difference for me. Let us know how they work for you or if you have tips you use to welcome Spring and reduce stress.

1. Tree-gazing

Do this outside or from your porch or a window. Choose a tree and do this exercise for five days. Close your eyes and practice deep breathing or the Box Breath for 1 minute. Then open your eyes and spend 5 minutes observing the tree – from the roots to the top! If you can do this while Spring is doing its thing, you will be astonished by the overnight changes.

2. Watch the morning come in

This sensory experience can start your day off well. Around sunrise, choose a place inside or outside on a clear morning to sit in open-eyed meditation. Observe the changes around you as the sun rises. What are the sounds, how does the temperature change, how long before dawn turns to daylight, how many hues of blue do you see? (You can do the same exercise for sunset.)

3. Nurture a plant

You don’t have to have a garden to take care of a plant. I don’t mean to water it. I mean, connect with it. If you have a yard or balcony, start something from seed. If you don’t know how to start – check google. Better yet, go to a garden center and ask for instructions. If you have no outside space, get a houseplant and nurture it. Observe the colors of your plant(s).  There is peace lily green, aloe green, cactus green, and so many more.

Spring offers new life, hope, and change. We are so fortunate to have the eyes to observe it all as it unfolds. I hope you can carve out some time to get in some of Nature’s blue/green medicine to nurture your soul. 


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