Ep. 60 – Inspiring Joy Around The World – With Yasmin Nguyen

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Yasmin Nguyen has a joyful story to tell. He does it as an author, adventurer, facilitator, filmmaker, joy ambassador, photographer, speaker, and world changer. Yasmin is the founder of the Joyful Living Project. He created the Joyful Living Project to ignite positive change and remind us of all the good around us. He’s also starting a podcast to help others activate joy in their lives.

In this interview with Carol, Yasmin talks about some of the challenges he has faced, including fleeing communist Vietnam, being rescued at sea, growing up as an immigrant in America, his experience with corporate life, entrepreneurship, deep depression, and burnout. Yasmin has come up with 7 principles of joyful living that worked for him, and is excited to share them. To inspire and reach more Joy Ambassadors, he’s writing a book on his life journey and challenges.

Some years ago, Yasmin found a deeper calling that led him to pack up his car to drive across America on an 18-month journey to discover, document, and share stories of real people, beautiful places, and heart-opening experiences that bring us joy. In 2022, he and his team will launch a new concept called “The Joy Gym” to reconnect millions of people every day as “Joy Makers” to practice simple habits that activate joy, strengthen their hearts and minds, and create a better world.  

Show Notes:

  1. Rescued from a sinking ship
  2. Looking for the gifts in the positive and negative experiences of the past
  3. The challenge of connecting and belonging
  4. Recognizing achievement as a crutch
  5. Corporate to entrepreneurial pursuits
  6. Seeking approval and fighting FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)
  7. “More things do not equal more success”
  8. Discovering the “Retirement Day Practice”
  9. “Helping the overworked givers.”
  10. 18 months of Kitchen Surfing and living the nomadic life
  11. 7 Principles of Joyful Living
  12. Many facets of joy! 


Social Media and Resources: 

The Joyful Living Project and Travel Blog

Yasmin’s inspirational quotes and wisdom for more joyful living: https://joyfullivingproject.com/quotes-by-yasmin/

Joyful Music Playlist:

Joyful Books and Reading

Retirement Day Practice Cards (26 Ideas for More Joyful Experiences) – 

The Joy Gym 




People & Quotes Mentioned:

“What you focus on grows, what you think about expands, and what you dwell upon determines your destiny.” – Robin Sharma

“Progress equals happiness.” – Tony Robbins

“If you measure it, it will improve.” – Seth Godin


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