Ep. 58 – Finding Your Radical Purpose – With Jose Leal

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In this interview “Finding Your Radical Purpose,” Jose Leal shares his personal journey that led him to co-found Radical, a Collaborative helping people shift to ways of collaborating that meet their needs. His primary focus is on exposing the realities of the dominant systems of force that people now work in and developing approaches to break free. In doing so, he outlines the future of the workplace where there is an environment in balance. For the individual, this often leads to harmony and a fulfilled sense of purpose.

After 13 years of working in a dysfunctional organization and industry, Jose realized that he could no longer live or contribute to the dysfunction of the systems of force. So he has spent the last seven years researching human motivation and organizational environments, leading to the Radical Purpose Framework, Collaborative Canvas, and Collaborative Agreement and co-authoring Radical Companies.

Jose is an entrepreneur, a change agent, a paradigm shifter, a researcher, and an author. In this interview, discover what brought Jose to the point in his life that, despite his successes, made him question his environment and actions. Through research into human behavior and psychology, and aligning body, mind, and heart, he shows us a new meaning for radical.


Show Notes:

  1. Early inventor out of necessity
  2. Defining moments as a young man
  3. Helping others embrace technology and transform their vision
  4. The dark side of the corporate world
  5. Numb & done
  6. Research to understand internal dissonance
  7. Empathy is a superpower
  8. Feelings and homeostasis
  9. Future of the workplace – Society 2045
  10. Why the term “radical.”
  11. Three things we can all do to bring balance
  12. Listening to your heart


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Books Mentioned:

RADICAL Companies: Organized for Success without Bosses or Employees – by Jose Leal, Adrian Perez, and Matt Perez

The Strange Order of Things: Life, Feeling, and the Making of Cultures – by Antonio Damasio


Research Mentioned:

Robert Sapolsky discusses physiological effects of stress, Stanford Report, March 7, 2007 

Whitehall Study on Stress

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