Ep. 57 – Turn Your “Money Monster” Into A “Money Honey” – With Morgana Rae

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Join us in this interview with Morgana Rae, money relationship expert and 20-time international #1 best-selling author of Financial Alchemy: Twelve Months of Magic and Manifestation. She is regarded as the world’s #1 authority on the relationship with money. In this episode, she describes her frustrating early experiences with money due to her “superpowers of money revulsion.” After reaching a low point (which she acknowledges is a place of leverage), Morgana turned to her coach to discover the root cause of her income aversion. One simple question shifted her relationship dynamic with money and since then she’s developed a powerful, “dig deep” process of six proven steps to love-centered wealth that have transformed her life and the lives of thousands of her clients. She says that “All of our relationships are related. Healing your relationship with money is the same thing as healing your relationship to life, love, and yourself.”

Morgana is president of Charmed Life Coaching Incorporated, a successful life, and business coaching company.  In addition to being a money relationship expert, she is also a speaker, facilitator, and heart-centered pioneer. Morgana’s groundbreaking program for creating wealth has been featured on ABC, NBC, FOX, PBS, NPR, CNN, United Press International, Yahoo Finance, and The Wall Street Journal online. As a “thought leader” on the topics of Wealth and Relationship, she’s been a featured expert on programs with Deepak Chopra, Bob Proctor, Loral Langemeier, Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Marcia Weider, and many others.

A pioneer in personal development, she helps others make a big impact in the world and heal the rift between heart, spirit, and money.

Show Notes:

  1. Starting with a failure
  2. Swimming against the tide because of mindset
  3. Nurturers and helpers struggle to charge for their skills
  4. Overcoming a “superhuman power of money revulsion.”
  5. Curiosity as a game-changer
  6. The one simple yet “weird question” that changed my life
  7. Transforming a “money monster” into a “money honey.”
  8. Role of the subconscious in our pain points
  9. Hack for intuition
  10. The mind follows the heart
  11. Steps to transforming your relationship 
  12. Love, lifestyle, and legacy

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