EP. 54 – “Trusting Yourself” – An Interview With Kathleen Flanagan

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In this interview, Kathleen Flanagan talks about “trusting yourself” and tells of lessons learned in her “walk through fear” that led to emotional healing and her own “awakening.” The role of meditation was vital in her learning to trust herself. That, along with her spiritual experiences, has given her the passion and impetus for helping others with “designing, defining, testing, and experiencing a crystal clear vision of the life they would love.”

Kathleen Flanagan is a national and international multi-award-winning author of Dancing Souls: Merging Heaven and Earth – Book One. She is the founder and CEO of Awakening Spirit, Inc., a Certified Aromatherapist, a Vibrational Expert, Workshop Facilitator, Sound Therapist, Meditator, and Esthetician. Kathleen taught esthetics at Heritage College, attended the School of Metaphysics, and has taught spiritual principles for over 30 years.

Show Notes:
1. Ask your body – trust the answers
2. Mind blowing experiences from childhood
3. Meditation as a trigger into light
4. Being open
5. Healing trauma with sound
6. Three days in the ethers
7. Co-creation with spirit
8. Tsunami of emotion
9. People are a gift to us
10. Breaking patterns
11. Prayers of light to banish the darkness

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