An interview with Rev. Janice Chrysler – Metaphysical Minister, Reiki Master, author, certified hypnotherapist, and meditation facilitator.

In this episode, Carol interviews Rev. Janice Chrysler who explains what led her to find her path, develop her intuitive skills to help herself and others, teach meditation and write two books (so far). At age 10, she knew she would do something spiritual. As an inquisitive young girl, she was always asking questions trying to figure out the “why” to everything. Listen in to learn the three soul questions to ask yourself to find your path and the one thing you need to do to continuously move forward in your life.

Rev. Janice Chrysler is a Metaphysical Minister, Certified Hypnotherapist, Author, Reiki Master, and Meditation Facilitator. For over 15 years, Rev. Janice has been using her intuitive gifts, experience, and training to hold space for those seeking a balance of mind, body, and spirit. Through her service, Mindful Journey, Janice sees people privately for intuitive readings, spiritual coaching sessions, and Journey of the Soul sessions, better known as past life regression. In addition, she facilitates various workshops, all designed to help others on their life journey. Janice feels her purpose is to show others what she has learned so they, too, can have a mindful journey that leads to their self-discovery. 

Show Notes:

  1. Early clues of a life path
  2. Astral projection then and now
  3. Intro to Reiki and Meditation
  4. Weaning out of the church without losing faith
  5. Opening up to intuitiveness
  6. Holding space and being quiet
  7. Ways to reduce fear 
  8. The 3 Soul Questions to ask
  9. Importance of Joy
  10. Step out of the “waiting room”
  11. Past life regression as a tool

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