Ep. 48 – Courage For The Complexity of Being Human

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An interview with Shelly Francis – a free-range author, coach, speaker, “story catcher”, and founder and publisher of Creative Courage Press, LLC.

In this interview with Carol, Shelly Francis explains, what brought her to realize what is important in life and how to navigate her way through the many types of courage she calls the Courage Quintessentials. She shares her personal challenges in life resulting in 180- to 360- to 540-degree changes and how change occurred in six-year cycles. One of her goals is to “help people unleash their creative courage.” Writing the book “The Courage Way” became a living experiment. She shares how it informed her life as she was writing it for the organization and her colleagues, and how it became a framework for reflecting on when she and others acted with courage. Listen to this inspiring conversation so that you too can take action toward your dreams.

Shelly has been involved with the Center for Courage and Renewal and worked with author Parker Palmer for some time. She has been a communicator in a range of business sectors from publishing to the government to high tech and health care. Whether running her own business or serving organizations, the common thread throughout Shelly’s career has been bringing to light the best-kept secrets — technology, services, resources, ideas — while bringing people together to facilitate collective impact and good work. 

Show Notes:

  1. Awareness of cycles
  2. Writing as a way of processing life
  3. True self-care
  4. What is “True Self?”
  5. Paying attention to signs
  6. Creating spaciousness
  7. Being comfortable with paradox
  8. Accessing the best, whole part of yourself
  9. Ingredients of courage – “Quintessentials”
  10. Finding the “third thing”
  11. What would you do with more courage?
  12. Advice to writers

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The Courage Way by The Center for Courage and Renewal and Shelly Francis

Damocles’ Wife: The Inside Story of Cancer Caregiving & Long-Term Survival in the Midst of Motherhood, Marriage & Making Life Matter by Shelly Francis

Other References

Courage to Create – Rollo May

Parker Palmer Books

George Ella Lyon – Poet

Parable of the Blind Men and the Elephant

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