Ep. 42 – Energy Healing And The Science of Spirituality

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An Interview With Drs. Tom and Shelley Negelow, Authors, Healers, Teachers, and Consultants

In this episode, we bring back Drs. Tom and Shelley Negelow for another visit on energy healing. The Negelow’s are both energy healers as well as empowerment consultants. Ann interviews this engaging couple to learn more about them, how they met, what started them on a path of personal healing, and how the work evolved to help others to be “whole, complete, & unstoppable”.

In addition to his healing work and counseling, Tom is also a Trance Channeler.  In the process of learning and self-development, Tom became aware of an inner knowing and level of intuition. During this time, he experienced the voice and wisdom of an “energy” speaking through him. It became apparent to Tom that he was channeling the energy frequencies of Ascended Master Kuthumi and The Guiding OneIn this episode, we experienced a short and powerful session with the energy of Kuthumi.

Show Notes

  1. Healing early trauma
  2. Power of love and support in the healing process
  3. Energy – from infinitesimal to infinite
  4. Early influences – Being trained in the energy world
  5. “Quantum Physicalness”
  6. Trance Channeling – experience, perspectives, and encouragement
  7. Ascended Master Kuthumi insights – Universal Energy & Unconditional Love
  8. Curious about being a healer?

Contact Information

Tom Negelow – tomnegelow@gmail.com

Shelly Negelow – shelleynegelow@gmail.com

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The Master in the Mirror: A Woman’s Guide to Living a Passionate and Joyful Life

Blueprint for Healing: The Path To Conscious Living 

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