Ep. 35 – Finding Resonance With The Current Reality Through Our Inner Light

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A conversation on “Resonance” with the founders of Hearts Rise Up about the times we are living in and methods of coping with and rising above fear and uncertainty.

Join us in this episode of the Hearts Rise Up podcast with founders Carol Chapman, Concetta Antonelli, and Ann Serrie as we discuss what’s been happening in our lives during the ongoing Pandemic. Working through the emotions of this crisis reminds us of author Elizabeth Kubler Ross and the stages of grief.  Accepting change and uncertainty is challenging, but we strive to look for the positive in what we are experiencing and look for light wherever we can find it. In this way, we find resonance with the current reality, putting ourselves in phase with a higher vibration.


Show Notes:

  1. Recognizing and managing emotions
  2. Learning points that teach us about ourselves
  3. Tools and behaviors that have served us
  4. Adapting to a more virtual world
  5. “Hanging out in what feels uncomfortable.”
  6. “Letting go of the oars” – flow
  7. Methods to shift your energy away from stagnation and fear
  8. Being in partnership with the divine
  9. What’s different?
  10. Hearts Resonance Primer and Occupy Sanity Tools

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On Death and Dying – Elisabeth Kubler Ross



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