We’ve all had to make changes big and small in order to get through the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re wearing masks, staying home, and social distancing to protect our friends, neighbors, and loved ones. However, those aren’t the only ways that COVID-19 has influenced our lives. Here are seven inspiring changes people are making in response to the pandemic.

Getting Serious About Self-Care

Health and wellness trends, in particular, have surged in popularity as we grow more conscious of the impact our daily choices have on well-being. People are using self-care to take control of their health through home fitness and mindfulness apps and seeking ways to boost their energy as pandemic fatigue sets in.

One self-care act that has multiple physical and emotional benefits is meditation. In addition to helping you ease your stress by practicing mindfulness, you may also enjoy reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression, lower your blood pressure, and even combat heart disease. Hearts Rise Up offers a variety of guided meditations you can try at your own pace, so if you haven’t yet tried this ancient practice, there’s never been a better time to start. To get a truly customized self-care plan that will help you live a heart-centered and intuitive life, you can also schedule a complimentary call to learn about our one-on-one coaching services.

Business Ambitions

An unfortunate reality of living in a pandemic era is that many people found themselves temporarily furloughed or permanently laid off from their job. The silver lining, however, is that many people took this opportunity to pursue a money-making passion they otherwise may not have gone after — in fact, the US Census reports that in 2020, business formations spiked almost 42 percent!

If you’re hoping to follow these innovators’ lead and start your own full- or part-time company, make sure you go about the process wisely. Your first step is to create a business plan. Once that’s done, form your business entity. LLCs (limited liability companies) are a solid option for budding entrepreneurs since they offer tax benefits and asset protection and are inexpensive to set up.

Deep(er) Cleaning

Forget clean plates — these days, it’s all about the clean hands club. People are washing their hands more frequently and for longer than pre-pandemic. They’re also more aware of germs in high-traffic places like public restrooms, self-checkout stands, and even their own homes. In fact, as we spend more time at home during the pandemic, Americans are increasingly investing in products and improvements that keep their homes clean, organized, and healthy.

Upgraded and Upsized Homes

We’re not just spending money on upkeep. We’re also investing in our homes themselves as learning, working, and exercising at home demands additional square footage. For some, that means reimagining underutilized spaces as home offices, fitness rooms, or play zones.

Meanwhile, other families must relocate to get the space they need. Recent homebuyers are overwhelmingly trending toward features that make life at home more comfortable, like upgraded bathrooms, extra storage, and expanded outdoor space. You can even devote an area in your home to creating a sacred space, an area where you can meditate, practice yoga, or just relax after a long day. However, moving during the pandemic does come with risks. If you need to move before COVID-19 passes, complete as much of the process virtually as possible, screen moving companies carefully, and of course, remember to social distance.

Virtual Connections

The pandemic forced us to get creative when it comes to staying in touch with family and friends. Not only did we host virtual game nights and cocktail hours with local-yet-distant friends, we’ve rethought the way we keep in touch with long-distance loved ones too. Once limited to greeting cards and annual holiday get-togethers, family reunions are now a common event thanks to popular video conferencing platforms like Zoom, FaceTime, and Skype.

And Virtual … Everything!

Socializing isn’t the only thing that’s gone digital during the pandemic. From learning to work, grocery shopping to doctor’s appointments, we’re dealing with more and more of our daily chores online. People are even attending church, concerts, and yoga classes all from the comfort and safety of home. With the internet becoming increasingly central to our daily lives, it’s no surprise that spending on laptops is up over 40% compared to last year.

Self-Improvement Trends

While some of us are busy working from home, other people have found themselves with a lot of free time on their hands during COVID-19. This has spurred a trend toward self-improvement, whether that’s picking up a useful hobby like baking bread, making the leap into a plant-based diet, or revamping your resume through online learning. In addition to keeping busy, these self-improvement efforts have given us a sense of purpose during the pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic has put a spotlight on all the ways we do, or don’t, take care of ourselves. Without the structure and routines, we’re accustomed to, many of us retreated into comfort food and social isolation when the pandemic first struck. But over time, we’ve learned strategies for staying well through tough times. From cultivating a healthier home to taking care of your mental wellness, let these ideas inspire you toward your own positive change.

About April Meyers

April is pursuing her certification as a yoga instructor so she can help others find their own mind-body health. 

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