Make Every Moment Count

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Time is a funny thing

Ever wish you had one more hour or five more minutes to finish something or to enjoy spending time with someone? 

Well, practicing mindfulness or being in the moment can aid you in accomplishing the expansion of time or pause the linear flow.

Watch a cloud drift by or study the shape and color of a flower

How can you manipulate time in the moment? One way is through the power of observation.

Consider the cloud:

  1. Observe the cloud – it’s color, shape, and movement.
  2. Feel the soft breeze on your face.
  3. Watch how that same breeze causes ripples in the leaves or on the water.
  4. Stay in cloud gazing mode for at least five minutes if possible.

 Consider the flower:

  1. Move in close to a favorite flower or favorite photograph of a flower.
  2. Notice the overall color and then really look into the variations of color, the light that seems to come from the energy coursing through the plant. 
  3. Next look at how the natural light is playing off the colors and curves of the flower and stem.

 Be patient with yourself, In those few moments of observation, you are exercising many senses and making the most of precious moments. Usually, this experience will result in a sense of calm or inspiration or gratitude to take you through the rest of the day.

Follow your breath

Another method of time expansion for me is to concentrate on my breath. What a magnificent and vital tool our breath is!

  1. Focus your attention on how you are breathing in the moment.
  2. Take a deep breath with the intention of filling your lungs completely and breathe out slowly and fully. Do this three times.
  3. Then breathe naturally and focus on the inhalation and exhalation and the still point between your breaths. 

After just a few moments of this type of focus, I feel I have hit a reset button on my day. I feel a deep appreciation for my body and the air we all breathe!  I also feel a sense of being in tune with those around me who are breathing the same sweet air. For me, time expands in these moments.

Try these two techniques or share with us some tips you have for Making Every Moment Count!


  1. Jess Villegas

    Very nice reminder on mindfulness while I was on a long plane fight – thanks Ann

    • Ann Serrie

      Hi Jess, Thank you for your feedback. A plane is the perfect place to practice both observation and breathing. Plus you are changing time as your cross the country!

  2. Lady Cerridwen

    Thank you Ann. This resonates with me. Mindfulness is something I practice often. Being centered in the Moment of Now helps me to stay in balance. There is a simple yet powerful affirmation I have learned and put into practice which works with the breath. When I feel anxious or fearful I sit quietly and breathe steadily as I turn my attention inwards. On the in breath I say to myself I AM and on the out breath I say HERE. The mantra is:
    I AM HERE. While saying the mantra I imagine energy flowing down my body and connecting deep into the core of Mother Earth. This is a wonderful grounding technique I learned from Leah Guy who teaches a course on DailyOM called Breaking through Fear and Anxiety. This technique helps me to come fully into the present moment. Mindfulness is an ongoing practice. Bright Blessings to you dear Ann.

  3. Ann Serrie

    Thank you for your thoughtful comment. It is all about centering and balance and a mantra is a beautiful tool to bring us to that place.



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