Ep. 52 – Surviving And Growing Through Grief – With Justin Caffrey

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Filled with grief after losing his son several years ago, Justin Caffrey turned to Eastern Philosophy, Psychology, and Neuroscience to deal with PTSD and extreme anxiety. This eventually led him to a spiritual path and an awakening to a new way of living. In this interview, Justin talks with Carol about navigating life’s challenges and how grief and loss have changed his life. As a coach and consultant, part of his mission is to help others by sharing what has helped him. His website contains courses and many free resources.

Since then, Justin has become a recognized expert on the inner critic, that internal voice that holds you back, “You are not good enough, you are not enough, and the Imposter Syndrome.” His research is a rich combination of Western neuroscience, Eastern philosophy, mindfulness, and his own hard-earned life experiences. His fields of specialty are Subjective Emotive Brief Therapy (SEBT), Resilience, and Neuroscience. In addition, he is one of only a handful of Westerners to have completed the grueling Master Training with the Yamabushi in the remote mountains of Shonai, in Japan. 

Show Notes

Highlights of our discussion include:

  1. Material pursuits
  2. Living a life of extremes
  3. Joshua’s journey
  4. Surviving the death of a child
  5. Realizing truth and facing grief through the eyes of others
  6. PTSD signs and seeking help
  7. Cold Water, Yamabushi, and Meditation 
  8. Developing a mindset of resilience and hope
  9. Nature as a healing modality
  10. The critical role of Acceptance
  11. Dealing with difficult people
  12. Directing your energy
  13. Relying on your internal power

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An article by Justin Caffrey on Grief and Loss

More About Justin Caffrey

Justin Caffrey is a proven multi-business entrepreneur in differing sectors and countries who built and sold regulated companies with seven-figure exits. He’s a Certified Investment Fund / Hedge Fund Director and Private Equity Professional. He’s also All Ireland All-Star Thought Leader in Personal Development in 2019 & 2020.

Hearts Rise Up is a Feedspot “Top Wisdom Podcast…2021.”


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