Ep. 45 – Reclaiming Your Authentic Self

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An Interview with Megan Colleen Johnson – life coach, creative consultant, podcast host, and speaker helps people find their inner leader.

In this interview, Carol discusses Megan Johnson’s path to reclaiming her authentic self. The conversation centers around actionable steps for us to take to “stand in our power”  and “rediscover our magic.”  Megan provides the ingredients for us to get to know ourselves better.  These ingredients include the 5 phases of reclamation, three action steps, questions to ask yourself, and practices to connect to your inner wisdom.  The outcome is a life of autonomy, sovereignty, personal power, and choice.  Reclaim your authentic self!

Note: Feedspot calls Hearts Rise Up one of the “Top Wisdom Podcasts…2021.” 

Show Notes:

  1. Reaching a breaking point – manifestations of stress
  2. Getting to know “myself”
  3. Tuning out external voices
  4. How to be a “holy outsider”
  5. 5 Phases of Reclamation
  6. Build and cultivate a support team
  7. Trust your intuition
  8. Protocol questions to ask yourself and others
  9. Practices to connect to your inner wisdom
  10. Becoming a sovereign reclamation queen

Social Media:

Website: https://megscolleen.com/

Email: megan@megscolleen.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/megscolleen/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/megscolleen

You can find her online at megscolleen.com or on social media @megscolleen

Media Mentioned:

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About Megan

Megan is a life coach, creative consultant, space holder, podcast host, and speaker who helps passionate humans as they rise to be the leader of their own life. With a focus on self-trust, wholeness, and sovereign reclamation, Megan coaches humans who are ready to discover their magic, stand in their power, and reclaim their dreams. Megan is a certified life coach with Beautiful You Coaching Academy, holds her degree in graphic design, hosts her podcast titled “The Reclamation Podcast,” and has over 8 years of creative marketing experience with a roster of clients including Steven Pressfield, Chris Guillebeau, Wilson Sporting Goods, and many more. You can find her online at megscolleen.com or on social media @megscolleen.



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