Ep. 28 – Find The Fun So Life Becomes A Game You Want to Play Again

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An Interview With Marisa Raymond – a wife, mom, mindfulness coach and board-certified genetic counselor and founder of Marisa Raymond Coaching

“Find the fun” is a motto that Marisa Raymond believes is necessary to live life with ease. As a successful genetic counselor, mom, coach and yoga teacher, she talks about her journey from being a serious perfectionist attempting to control life to a Fun-preneur who embodies Mary Poppins’ philosophy: “In every job that must be done there is an element of fun. You find the fun and *snap* the job’s a game.”

Marisa began her professional career as a genetic counselor in the U.S., a career she loved; however, when her husband was offered a job in France they felt they couldn’t pass up this once-in-a-lifetime chance. Marisa shares the thrills and disappointments that came with the decision to move to what she and Concetta call the ‘Ex-pat Planet’. They discuss the unique experience of living and thriving in a foreign land, which the stress of ultimately led to Marisa having serious health issues.

Listen in to see how she rose up out of that challenge by living life in the moment, discovering that when she let go of control, connecting with her children as well as her own inner child, she actually had MORE control. This led her to find a way to bring together her past work experience, her natural talents, what she loves doing and the element of FUN to create Marisa Raymond Coaching.

She and Concetta explore the notion that by tapping into our ‘inner Mary Poppins and inner child’ we can get curious about the world around us. This allows solutions, connections and possibilities we never imagined to arise naturally. Marisa is passionate about working with families to enable them to release their frustrations so they can create their own unique visions of their family and how they want to live their lives.

Show Notes

  1. Find the Fun so *SNAP* life becomes a game you want to play again
  2. Living on the Ex-Pat Planet
  3. “Explore, Dream, Discover” – Mark Twain
  4. Learning one step at a time
  5. Tap into your inner “Curious George” (i.e., inner child)
  6. Two ears, one mouth – listen more than talk
  7. “Adulting” is hard and messy
  8. The Pros and Cons of navigating a new environment and culture
  9. Magic of creating in a group
  10. Role of Yoga and Meditation
  11. The healing path of Kids Yoga
  12. Giving up control in order to find your way
  13. Getting to reinvent yourself
  14. Pandemic thoughts

Resources Mentioned

Magic Misfits Series by Neil Patrick Harris

Brené Brown

Marisa’s Website

Marisa Raymond Website

Social Media


Marisa Raymond Coaching

Marisa Raymond Yoga

Instagram: marisaraymond77

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