Ep. 27 – Insights And Hope From The “Messy Middle”

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An Interview With Elizabeth Miner, Author, Life and Business Coach, Speaker, and Founder and CEO of Thrive This Day

Elizabeth Miner, successful Author, Life and Business Coach, Speaker, and Founder and CEO of Thrive This Day, shares insights and hope from her own journey from poverty to self-sufficiency. In her conversation with Carol, the listener can learn from Elizabeth’s experiences and how her deliberate choices and goals led her to a soul-satisfying career. Through her book, coaching, and workshops, Elizabeth has helped hundreds of people find their calling by following a goal achievement system that leads to success. 

This interview took place in the first months of the global pandemic. Carol and Elizabeth discussed the impact of the changes we have seen on many levels. Elizabeth shares what she has been doing to make the most sense of this unfamiliar situation in the moment and for the future. She offers helpful tips for all of us to consider.  

Elizabeth is the author of The Flipside of Failure. Her second book, about the importance of mindset – particularly for entrepreneurs, is in the works. Elizabeth has traveled the world as a digital nomad (mostly in the warmer climes). But for now, with everything that is going on, she is staying in the U.S. close to family.


Show Notes:

1. Rx for our world crisis – Believe in ourselves and challenge what is possible

2. What does the future hold?

3. Go within, reflect on what is important to you and “architect” your future

4. Story-sharing for learning and healing

5. One humanity, one story, one healing

6. Shifting from going with the flow to deliberate choices

7. Lessons from adversity

8. Life influences and change catalysts

9. In the space of the “messy middle” – learn to listen


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