Ep. 23 – Tuning In To Energy Frequencies For Healing

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An Interview With Dr. Tom Negelow, Healer and Trance Channeler

In this episode, Carol interviews Dr. Tom Negelow, Healer and Trance Channeler where he discusses his background and goal of supporting people in their healing. For many years he and his wife Dr. Shelley Negelow have worked together to develop healing modalities to heal and encourage self-healing. Tom developed a healing method he calls Cellular Energy Releasing Healing. His passion is to serve the universal family.

In the process of learning and self-development, Tom became aware of an inner knowing and level of intuition. During this time, he experienced the voice and wisdom of an “energy” speaking through him. It became apparent to Tom that he was channeling the energy frequencies of Ascended Master Kuthumi and The Guiding One.

In this special episode, Tom channels the energy of Kuthumi. Listen to the wisdom shared from this revered ascended master through Tom. It’s a treat you won’t want to miss!

Also in this episode, Tom talks about his channeling experiences as well as how he tunes into the frequencies of Ascended Master Kuthumi and The Guiding OneTom is the author of Blueprint for Life, Blueprint for Healing – The Path to Conscious Living and Love and the Human Spirit, a book of dream-inspired poetry.

Show Notes

  1. Reiki and healing modalities
  2. Tom’s perspective on channeling
  3. Seeing the positives that arise out of adversity
  4. Ability to recognize patterns and share what we have learned about ourselves and the world
  5. How to serve – focus on supporting others in their healing
  6. Discover who you are
  7. Kuthumi insights – Keep moving, self-reliance, responsibility to share

Contact Information

Tom Negelow – tomnegelow@gmail.com

Shelly Negelow – shelleynegelow@gmail.com

Social Media

Facebook: The Voice Of Unconditional Love

Music by Jonn Serrie

Intro and Outro music composed and recorded by Jonn Serrie.

Website: http://www.thousandstar.com/

Record Labels and Links to Jonn’s Music: Valley Entertainment and New World Music


  1. Dr. Shelley Negelow

    Hi Carol!

    You have brought out the best of Dr. Tom “The Voice of Unconditional Love” and his work. Thank you for being such a great support for him and us and the healing we provide for so many.

    You are a joy!

    Light and blessings.

    Dr. Shelley

    • Carol Chapman

      Hi Shelley,

      It’s truly my pleasure. Thank you both for all the work that you are doing in the world and for coming on the show at such a time of great need for many all over the world who need encouragement and support. Let’s continue the work with love and joy always!

      Follow the path with heart
      Be the light for those who need it
      May all that you love, thrive!


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