5 Easy Ways To Advance Your Yoga Practice

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Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced yogi, you know of the many benefits it provides for your health and well-being. You also probably know that, as your practice becomes more advanced, so do the results. And the best part about it is that you can work simple changes into your yoga routine to get to the next level.

If you’re ready to step it up as a yogi, consider these practical tips:

1. Use your phone. 

If you have a smartphone, you can use it to up your yoga game by following along with sessions on one of the many apps available these days. Just make sure the sessions require you to try new poses! If your phone is an older-generation device and you find that it’s lagging, you may need to upgrade to a more recent model.

If you’re upgrading, consider one of the Samsung Galaxy S10 phones, which has substantial storage and speedy processing. They’re also water-resistant (sweat and water can kill your phone). iPhone users may prefer the iPhone 11 Pro Max, which has an impressively bright display and fast performance.

2. Don’t eat before your sessions.

Nothing will disrupt your yoga session like chowing down right before. Avoid eating anything at least one—preferably two—hours before doing yoga and breathing exercises. Digesting food demands energy from your body; so, when your body is using energy during yoga, it can impede the digestion process. Also, practicing on an empty stomach will allow you to draw more energy from your muscles, fat, and liver.

 3. Practice at home.

Creating a space at home to practice yoga is one of the best ways to improve (or maintain) consistency in your routine. And you can set up almost anywhere in your home, as long as the space allows you to focus and perform your exercises comfortably. Along with getting the right equipment (e.g., mat, props, towels, etc.), here are a few additional factors to consider adding to your space:

  • Lighting (e.g., rope lights, dimmable lamps, windows, etc.)
  • Aroma (e.g., essential oils, candles, incense, etc.)
  • Plants (e.g., bamboo palm, Boston ferns, aloe vera, etc.)
  • Portable speaker for music and yoga instructions

Also, setting up outdoors comes with its benefits. If you have a deck or other appropriate space outside, consider practicing there on sunny days. That way, you can connect with nature amid the sunlight and crisp air!

4. Practice barefoot.

Another way to improve your yoga practice is to do it barefoot. Not only is this standard yoga etiquette (tracking dirt from your shoes across the yoga studio floor is considered by many to be disrespectful), but it also grants you more stability and balance in your poses. Nonetheless, if you have restrictions, such as an injury or ailment, flexible shoes or socks with tread are both a decent compromise.

5. Create a ritual.

Along with changing things about your actual yoga sessions, you can stand to benefit from crafting a ritual around your sessions. For instance, consider preparing your mind with meditation first thing in the morning and performing your poses shortly after that. Or you could bookend your sessions with a hot shower and loose-leaf green tea. Find something that works for you and do it consistently to enhance your yoga experience.

Becoming more advanced in your yoga practice doesn’t require you to transform your routine; changing little things here and there can do wonders. Take advantage of the yoga apps available on your smartphone, and remember to practice on an empty stomach. Set up space your home, practice barefoot when possible, and find a ritual to do before or after your sessions. Before you know it, you’ll be reeling in the benefits you’ve never experienced before!

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