Fear Undone (Part 1) – Beware to Bee-Aware

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Do you have any irrational fears? Fears that hold you back from doing things you would like to do?

Here’s a story about one of my fears that finally had to go.  

I was petrified of bees. I didn’t start out that way.  

Growing up in the country I ran barefoot in our yard most of the summer. I was stung once when I stepped on a wasp. It hurt, but I kept on playing.

Then, as a teenager, I saw a movie – a “B” movie (get the pun) called The Swarm. In it swarms of bees attacked people. After that, I had a terrible fear of bees. I had a fight or flight reaction and it was hard to control my emotions.

Looking back I believe this lines up with our mind/body not always being able to distinguish reality from a memory.

It got to the point that if a bee came into my house, I would either leave or lock myself in the bathroom and wait for my husband to come home.

If I was driving and a bee came into the car, I would pull over, open all the windows and get out until the bee left.

I would avoid outings in the fall to places like the zoo or apple picking or even gas stations where yellow jackets seem to like to hang out by the trash. I was overreacting and it was getting to be ridiculous.

We have to acknowledge that some people are severely allergic to bee stings. For them, it is best to avoid them and carry medicines.

Being that I was allergic to many other things, I thought I might be allergic to bees too. Then one day while on vacation in Hawaii I found out that I was not. We booked an evening of snorkeling with manta rays.

Heading out on the boat I was stung by a yellow jacket. My adrenaline was pumping and I told the captain of the boat. He calmly took some vinegar and put it on the sting. It felt better, then I got into the water with everyone else (thinking well if I am going to go, this is the way to do it).

Once I started seeing the beautiful manta rays flying under the water all thought of my sting and fear melted away. This was the incident that brought me to the placing of standing up to this limiting fear. It was time to get over it, to rise up out of the limitations this irrational fear was placing on my life. 

I went on a mission to learn all about bees. It took some time, but I came away enlightened and amazed.

Here’s what I learned about bees.

The bee has been revered since ancient times and with good reason. We benefit from its critical role as a pollinator and also from its many byproducts.

Honey is delicious and also has medicinal qualities. Bee pollen, royal jelly, and bee’s wax are just some of the other healthy and helpful things we humans enjoy about bees.

Basically, I learned that bees are vital.  

Now, through knowledge and also through calming tools like meditation and breathing techniques, I can be around bees. In fact, I plant bee-friendly flowers and visit with beekeepers to learn even more about protecting bees. When a bee does come into my house now, I gently capture them and escort them out the door.

Friend, if you have an irrational fear holding you back from living your best self, take the time to learn more about it instead of avoiding it. You may be pleasantly surprised.

We welcome insights on your experience with fear, and how you deal with it to Rise Up to your best self every day. Please share in the comments section below.



  1. Lady Isis Cerridwen

    Dear Ann
    Thank you for this lovely and informative message about the Vital role the bee 🐝 has in our lives. I feel and see it’s sacred role in Ancient times. I will ponder your question about how I deal with my own fears in life. Blessings and love 🍃🌹🍃🐝 In the stillness I will know.

    • Ann Serrie

      Thank you for your thoughtful comment Lady Isis. Please share more about your insights.



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