Ep. 59 – Leaning Into Love and Nature – An Interview With Heath Armstrong

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In this interview, Heath explains how he leaned into love and nature to turn his life around after waking up face-down-pants-down in his garage during a rock-bottom breakdown. He began interviewing 100+ creative entrepreneurs and adopting their strategies. He also had the help of a few magical strangers.

In 2016, he retired his traditional ‘career’ in concrete construction, sold all of his belongings, and scaled his bootstrapped e-commerce startup to hit multiple 6-figure months while mainly wearing undies.  He shares some of the tips and techniques that have helped him live with a sense of rebirth every day.  Living in tune with Nature, surrendering expectations, having a morning routine, and “leaning into love and letting his heart rise up”.  

Since then, he has worked location-independent from over twenty countries, summited the world’s largest free-standing volcano, survived rafting the Nile River, witnessed exorcisms in Indonesia, and fallen in love with the culture and experience of East African digital education for children. Heath brings some of his adventures and experiences to us in this interview.  

Heath Armstrong is an author, explorer, e-commerce maniac, podcaster, and co-founder of Rage Create. He is the creator of Sweet-Ass Affirmation Decks (motivation for your creative mind)  and several Sweet-Ass Journals, and the host of the Never Stop Peaking podcast.






Show Notes:

  1. What happens when you suppress creativity
  2. Face in a dream and “Indiana Jones.”
  3. Right person, right question, right time
  4. Hitting rock bottom
  5. Follow your heart and ask for help
  6. Value of routine – committing to connect with yourself 
  7. Balancing masculine and feminine energies
  8. Signs from the universe – importance of awareness and attention
  9. Lessons from plant medicine
  10. Ban the fear and resistance gremlins
  11. Activism through love and creativity
  12. Affirmations – magical reminders to light you up
  13. Nature as a healing path
  14. Leaning into love

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Heath is also the co-founder of FBAleadlist.com, SellerSpaceship.com, and founding partner of Releaf Outings, a nature experience company based in Tennessee.

Media and People Mentioned:

Amber Vilhauer – No Guts, No Glory Enterprises

Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod

Earthing documentary found at Earthing.com.

Hearts Rise Up is a Feedspot “Best Wisdom Podcast…2021.”


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