Ep. 50 – Tools For Healing The Grief-Stricken Heart

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An Interview with Ophelia Rigault – speaker, trainer, and grief transformational empowerment coach, and certified professional counselor.

Ophelia Rigault knows first-hand what it is to feel grief, lose hopes and dreams and experience the heartache of loss and betrayal. But, she also knows what it is to rebuild and come back resilient and wiser than ever.  

In this interview with Carol, Ophelia talks about her early life and her close relationship with her mother and grandmother. Her experiences with change and loss led her to recognize her second-generation, ancestral gift of spiritual insight and intuition. Throughout a life of exploration and self-discovery, Ophelia found her purpose of helping others move through the many kinds of grief that we experience in life.   

She also supports leaders, organizations, and community groups by creating brave spaces that empower their people to have uncomfortable conversations on inclusion, mental health stigma and promote a sense of belonging.

Show Notes:

  1. Early memories of island life and kin
  2. The shock of culture change
  3. Early grief experiences
  4. Mom as the “scaffolding” of emotional support
  5. Multicultural, multi-faith influences
  6. Wounds calling for strength and wisdom
  7. Breaking point to surrender
  8. Elements of the “brave space” of grief
  9. Smoothing out the rip in our fabric
  10. Create a grief toolbox for healing
  11. Support for your grief journey
  12. Ask, “What am I meant to do today?”

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About Ophelia:

Ophelia is a second-generation ancestral gift of spiritual insight and intuition. She brings together years of certified professional counseling skills, leadership,  life coaching, yoga, meditation, metaphysical mastery, and business building acuity to create highly exceptional client experiences like no other for professional women.


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