Ep. 18 – From Struggling and Self-Doubt to Creative Transformation

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An Interview With Lauren Sapala

Lauren Sapala is the author of The INFJ Writer, a guide for sensitive, intuitive writers, The INFJ Revolution, and Firefly Magic: Heart Powered Marketing for Highly Sensitive Writers. She is also a writing coach for writers of the INFJ and INFP personality type, and blogs about writing, creativity, and personality theory at laurensapala.com. She currently lives in San Francisco.

In this episode, Lauren Sapala shares her journey of an intense and difficult childhood with challenges and addiction; struggles in early adulthood to finally – opening creative doors as a writer and how it has transformed her life, creating a new way of being and growing.

SHOW NOTES (learn about)

  1. Value of silence and community
  2. Myers Briggs observation (Intuitive, introvert types – INFP/INFJ)
  3. Discovering INF attributes
  4. Intuitive writing vs. Rational writing
  5. Positive changes from finding a style
  6. Being an empath – the positives and negatives
  7. Living with Highly Sensitive People – HSPs – INFs
  8. Struggles of HSPs and INFs
  9. Expansion and contraction cycles
  10. Advice for others

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The INFJ Writer
The INFJ Revolution
Firefly Magic




  1. Anne Eston

    Fantastic. I discovered Lauren when one of her blog posts was a reading assignment in my graduate writing program. From there, I got her INFJ Writer book as well as Firefly Marketing, and I’ve had a couple of coaching sessions with her. And I’m currently taking her Intuitive Writing Course–this has been HUGE for my writing practice. I hadn’t known as much about her struggles with addiction, and have her first novel on my TBR list. I can’t recommend her books, coaching and classes enough for INF writers. They’ve been life saving for me in terms of creating a writing practice for myself that works and inspiring me on how to move through life in general.

    • Carol Chapman

      Anne, thanks for sharing your experience with Lauren’s coaching, her books, and her intuitive writing course. I just loved interviewing her, hearing her story and having the opportunity to share it with others through our podcast.

  2. Mindy Kantor

    Thank you so much for sharing. You both sound terrific on the podcast. I’ve read Lauren’s INFJ Writer and INFJ Revolution, and found them so helpful! Lauren is an authentic and inspiring author. As a writer and INFJ, I continue to receive new insights reading and watching her content. Personally and professionally, I find that MBTI “J” and “P” are critical for overall development, especially for ways to manage stress and improve interpersonal communications. Although, I understand Lauren’s point she’s making for writing and overcoming some challenges. Thank you again and congratulations!

    • Carol Chapman

      Mindy – thank you so much for the feedback and comments. I feel very fortunate to have had Lauren on the podcast. She’s an inspiring catalyst for others.

  3. Julia

    Thank you Carol for this great interview. Lauren really opened up her entire life to us, her journey, her learnings, ups and downs. I love her advice at the end: baby steps. I agree that people often set these huge, lofty goals that are hard to reach, when they are missing out on tiny baby steps that can be taken right away.

    • Carol Chapman

      Thanks for the feedback, Julia. I was so intrigued by Lauren’s life and so appreciated how she opened up during the interview. It really helps others to learn they’re not alone. We all have our ups and downs in life. And sometimes the simplest things like baby steps can be the solution to get things moving in the right direction. Thanks again for listening.

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