Ep. 20 – The Story Behind “Emergence Of The Total Woman”

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An Interview With Dr. Shelley Negelow and Lynnis Woods-Mullins

Dr. Shelley Negelow and Lynnis Woods-Mullins each experienced powerful lessons in healing from past-life traumas that led them to career paths to help other women. Over time, each has developed tools and techniques to help women discover how to make sustainable changes in their lives.

Listen in to this episode as we explore their traumas, how they overcame them, and their determination to transform their lives. Each shares their personal story of challenges and healing, and a new program they are now collaborating on. It’s called “Emergence of the Total Woman Seminar: A Blueprint for Living the Life You Love” designed for women to address their outer and inner life – physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, so they can create a life they love.

Show Notes

Highlights include:

  • Life lessons
  • Pivotal points
  • Epiphanies
  • Practices for keeping balance
  • Power of movement and dance
  • Breaking point and the journey to wellness
  • So much more than the roles we take on

Info on Dr. Shelley Negelow

Facebook – Power of Woman Seminars with Shelley Negelow

Website – http://shelleynegelow.com/

Email: PowerofWomanSeminars@gmail.com

Info Lynnis Woods-Mullins

WellnessWoman40.com – a portal to all social media, women’s Facebook group, E-Magazine, books, retreats, spa days

In Facebook: Wellness Woman 40 and Beyond

Email: WellnessWoman40@gmail.com

Emergence of the Total Woman


Music by Jonn Serrie

Intro and Outro music composed and recorded by Jonn Serrie.

Website: http://www.thousandstar.com/

Record Labels and Links to Jonn’s Music: Valley Entertainment and New World Music


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